Scott Wolter Death, New Show, Wife, Net Worth

Scott Wolter, a forensic geologist and television host best-known for America Unearthed, is a married man and has two married children.

Scott Wolter Death, New Show, Wife, Net Worth

Quick Information

Scott Wolter, a forensic geologist, and a TV personality, besides known for his accomplished profession, is a rather devoted family man married to the history investigator Janet Wolter for decades and has two married children. 

And, recently, many are intrigued by Wolter’s death rumor which took off based on some false information on the internet. However, the rumor is false, and the America Unearthed star is alive.   

Scott Wolter’s Wife and Children

The tv show presenter tied the knot with Janet Wolter several years ago, but the accurate details regarding their marriage is unknown. 

From their years-long marriage, the couple has two children, Grant Wolter and Amanda Wolter. As Wolter’s Instagram posts suggest, Grant married his partner Sasha in 2019, while Amanda took her vows with Brian in 2020.  


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What Stirred Up Confusion About Wolter’s Death?

Recently, the Internet is flooded with queries from Wolter’s fans if he is still alive. The America Unearthed presenter is absolutely alive. A few days ago, he made his presence on his Twitter account, posting about a beautiful sandstone carving he found in Duluth Harbor. 

In fact, the fans might have confused him with another person named Scott Wolter, who actually died of a heart attack on April 22, 2020. Also, there is one more person named Scott Wolter with an obituary on the internet, which might have added to the confusion. Moreover, the rumor is entirely false, and the geologist is busy with his current tv projects.   

Wolter’s Accomplished Career 

The author, tv host, and researcher made his first tv appearance with the tv documentary film, The Kensington Enigma, in 2007. 

It wasn’t until he undertook the reality tv series America Unearthed in 2012 that he became a nationwide renowned geologist. He hosted the show until season four and presented the viewers with scientific and intuitive theories behind several mysterious sites in America. 


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Further, his most recent tv project as a forensic geologist includes the tv series documentary Secrets of the Viking Stone, released in 2020. 

Besides, Wolter has published seven books unraveling the mysteries of various American historical places and artifacts since 1986, including his most recent one, Cryptic Code, published in 2019.   

Short Bio: Age, Education

Although the TV personality’s profession is known to all, his personal details is untrackable. However, based on his appearance, his age can be assumed to be over 50. 

Regardless of any concrete information on his net worth, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume the University of Minnesota Duluth graduate might be entitled to a hefty net worth from his years-long career as a renowned geologist.