Paul Connolly Bio, Age, Wife, Family

Paul Connolly who grew up in a suburb of Dublin, Ireland leads a miraculously low key unfolds his age and height...about getting married to details...the figures landing on his net worth...set on a new career journey as of 2019...15 years of experience of working as...famous for earless undercover operations...

Paul Connolly Bio, Age, Wife, Family

Quick Information

Since the very young age, Paul Connolly dreamt of becoming either an astronaut or a professional football player. But then he soon developed this unliking for mathematics, which eventually killed-off one of the very options.

Although, with great determination, Paul made it to a professional soccer team in the Czech Republic, be it a short-lived one. It was a knee injury that put a full stop to his only left option.

Nonetheless, while one door was closed several other opened-up to him in the world of journalism and he was attentive enough to grab the opportunity.

Meanwhile, today, Paul boasts more than 15 years of experience of working as an undercover broadcast journalist, television presenter, and documentary maker.

Paul Connolly’s Bio: A Brief Career Guide

Paul, who grew up in a suburb of Dublin, Ireland, leads a miraculously low key lifestyle. And, with this tendency of his, he drags even more curious eyes towards him. The fans and followers who admire him up close for his professional want to know just about everything related to him, though when off the reel.

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The number of birthdays he survived so far, and the tall height he stands to, or the specifics to his family life all of it stays under the radar as of yet. Also, life stories published in the media is all about his profession.

Talking about his education, Paul received a degree in Journalism and Media Communications from Griffith College Dublin. He then started out on his career as an editor for The Bike Buyers Guide, soon traversing into radio and then to sports reporting.

In a short period, Paul served as a host for various famous Irish sports show. Even so, he rose to a bigger prominence for the fearless undercover operations he ran on his series of self-titled investigative documentaries- Paul Connolly Investigates.

Be it the one where he invades the criminal gangs, or the one about exposing Britain's black market, and the several others where he nails international drug traffickers and dark-web scam-artists- all of it has been an enormous success globally in Channel 5 in the UK, Netflix, Discovery Channel, BBC Worldwide, Nine Network in Australia, TV3 and many other networks.

As of 2019, Paul is set out for the would-be most fascinating journey of his career.

Paul Connolly with the cast members of the web-television documentary series- Curse of Akakor (Photo:

Paul leads the investigative team of six deep into the Amazon rainforest in chase of the two mythical lost cities of gold (the lost city of Akakor) and the real deal behind the mysterious disappearances of three explorers in the American reality web-television documentary series- Curse of Akakor.

Married To Wife?

There is barely any mention of his personal life, especially about his wife, in case he is a married man. From what it looks like, Paul is instead tied to his promising job which must be paying him more than a satisfactory paycheck, all of it landing onto his net worth one way or another.

For some reason, he does not find comfort in sharing his personal space with the public. At a time like this, it is only apt that we respect his privacy. And, his life course is already interesting enough even without the mention of his private affairs.