Patrisse Cullors Bio, Husband, Children, Family

By Staff Writer | Published On: 29 May, 2019
Patrisse Cullors Bio, Husband, Children, Family

Patrisse Cullors is an American artist, activist, organizer, and freedom fighter. She is the co-founder of Black Lives Matter and also a founder of Dignity and Power Now.

The activist is a New York Times best-selling author who is also a popular public speaker.

She has won many awards for activism and movement building. She also received the Sydney Peace Prize for her work in Black Lives Matter. Patrisse was even named the Los Angeles Times as a Civil Rights Leader for the 21st Century.

Patrisse's career took her to different heights of success from where she first started. Being queer and voicing out for their rights also added to her success as an activist.

As of today, she plans to join the writers' room for season 2 of Freeform’s Good Trouble, a spinoff of the popular series, The Fosters.

Furthermore, digging into the artist’s net worth, the Black Lives Matter cashes in with $100 million from different liberal foundations. And as for her earnings, the average salary of American artist is $54K.

Patrisse Cullors Married To Husband?

Patrisse concealed her thoughts to get married as same-sex marriages were not legal back in the days. And she believed that marriage was not the answer to change the conditions for poor black queer people. 

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So, Patrisse never felt the need to get married until she met Janaya Khan, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Canada in the same month when Obergefell was decided in June 2015. Janaya was a black transgender immigrant, born and raised in Toronto. 

After meeting Janaya, Patrisse knew marriage was the right thing to do. She, along with her partner, dreamed how powerful it was for two queer black people to tie the knot since both suffered in their lives for not being straight. 

In spring of 2016, Patrisse got married to Janaya amidst the people they loved. From an inspiring partner, the couple turned into inspiring husband and wife.

Patrisse Cullors gets married to Janaya Khan in 2016 (Photo: 

Through all the sufferings the couple faced, they got blessed with greater happiness as they became parents to two children. 

Patrisse didn’t reveal much about her children, but realizing the enormity of motherhood, she thanked her mother on 12 May 2019 and felt grateful that her children got to spend time with their grandma. 

Patrisse Cullors Bio: Age, Family

Patrisse Cullors was born on 20 June 1983 in Van Nuys, California. She attended Grover Cleveland High School in Reseda, California and graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a B.A. in Religion and Philosophy.

Knowing about her family, her mother, a single parent, struggled to make a living for Patrisse, her five brothers, and her three sisters. So, they barely saw her.

And, her father, Gabriel struggled with drug addiction and incarcerations for drug offenses. On the other hand, her older brother, Monte, was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder as a teen, and lack of access to treatments and medication led him to do things that often got him arrested and into detention.

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Patrisse stated in one of her interviews that her brother was a kind person who rescued animals and never hurt another human being. But still, he was arrested in the middle of a psychiatric episode.

Her brother’s incarceration became her breaking point that led Patrisse into activism. She was in high school when she first came out as a queer. At such a young age, she joined as an activist of the Bus Riders Union, a Los Angeles based Advocacy group in 2001.

And when she revealed about her queer identity to her parents, Patrisse got forced out from her home at the age of 16. But as a family who loved each other, Patrisse got accepted as who she was after some time.