Patrisse Cullors Bio, Husband, Children, Family

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, a mother to one, married her partner Janaya Khan in 2016.

Patrisse Cullors Bio, Husband, Children, Family

Patrisse Cullors, a globally recognized American activist and the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, has been married to her spouse Janaya Khan since 2016. Khan is also an activist and co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto. 

Despite her relentless effort in fighting for civil rights, the multiple-awards-winning activist has been surrounded by controversy, recently claiming that she used her position to her personal advantage.

Who is Patrisse Cullors Married To?

Cullors married Janaya Khan, who is self-identified queer and gender-nonconforming, in 2016 and have been together ever since.

Talking to Esquire in 2016, the NAACP History Maker award winner shared her story of coming out as a queer while in high school and dating experiences.   

The 37-year-old mentioned that coming out to her peers and family about her sexuality gave her the freedom to express herself genuinely. At 16, she had her first girlfriend. Exploring more about the queer community, she came across authors such as bell hooks and Audre Lorde, who sparked her activism.

While working her way towards making a difference in black communities and legal rights for same-sex marriage, Cullors met Janaya in 2015 and instantly connected. Further, with an intent to challenge the traditional norm of marriage as a “white, heteronormative, religious construct,” Cullors and Janaya legalized their relationship the following year.

She further elaborated, her family supported the couple’s union, and her mother was very welcoming and loving towards her partner. 

Cullors and Janaya Khan. (Source: PressReaders)

Does Cullors Have a Child?

On the official website of MomsRising, a non-profit organization working toward saving mothers’ lives all around the nation, Cullors wrote about her pregnancy and post-delivery struggles.

As per the post made in 2017, Cullors mentioned she did not receive enough care after delivering her child, Shine, in the hospital through a c-section. As a result, she faced after-birth complications such as pneumonia and blood clot. 

Generally, these conditions are often seen in women who went through c-section, but she was unknown of the post-delivery risks. 

Having gone through such issues herself, she began noticing the high number of deaths of women after childbirth and eventually started a maternal justice program at MomsRising to bring down the death numbers and reduce the chances of maternal risks.

Cullors Criticised Of Using BLM Fund To Her Advantage

As the activist soared to recognition during BLM protests, she has been under the spotlight for quite a while. And, her real estate purchases are also under attention. 

As the New York Post reports, the activist has bought four homes in the US worth 3.2 million dollars and laid her eyes on the Bahamas property. 

Her real estate revelation took to several news headlines, questioning her source of income. And, many began criticizing her for using BLM funds for her luxury. 

However, Cullors, an author and performing artist, defended herself, mentioning that her multiple jobs provided for her family and the expenses. Also, she merely received 120 thousand dollars from the BLM foundation and worked mostly unpaid.

Regardless, Cullors is estimated to have accumulated a net worth of 1 million dollars as of 2021, as per BiographyDaily