What Is Nick Weir Age? Bio Reveals Married Status & Family Details

Nick Weir was born on 20th November...bio reveals his age...Vice President of Entertainment for a cruise ship...Royal Caribbean International...his family details...the existence of any partner in his life...personal life about married life and wife...height stands as 6 feet 6 inches...hosted the game show, Catchphrase...pulled him towards entertaining...

What Is Nick Weir Age? Bio Reveals Married Status & Family Details

It is not easy to make people entertained, and that too on a regular basis, but Nick Weir is someone who is an expert in doing so, as he works as a cruise ship entertainer.

He currently serves his services as the Vice President of Entertainment for a cruise ship named Royal Caribbean International since 2013. 

Furthermore, Nick formerly hosted the game show Catchphrase from 2000 to 2002. 

Nick Weir's Bio (Age), Family Details

Nick Weir was born on 20th November 1964 in England. There, he was raised by his parents, Leonard Weir and Beverley Weir, along with his brother, Simon Weir. 

And interestingly, both of his parents are former cruise ship entertainers, where his father, Leonard, was a stage actor and singer and also became a cruise director.

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Likewise, Nick’s mother, Beverley, enterntained people with her soulful songs. 

Nick Weir has been Royal Caribbean's senior vice president of entertainment since 2013 (Photo: TravelWeekly)

However, while growing up, Nick was not much interested in following the profession that his parents were into; hence, he even studied Marine Biology at the University of Miami and started his career as a Marine Biologist. 

But the performer was in his genes, which pulled him towards entertaining people, and eventually, he found his feet at cruise ship like his parents, where he would entertain people with ease. 

Losing His Father

Although the dates of Nick Weir’s father’s death has not come out in public, Nick shared a special post on Twitter on 9th April 2019, where he hinted about the absence of his father from his life.

Adding to that, the Twitter post was to share how proud he is of his father, as Leonard was honored during the “In Memoriam” at the Olivier Awards 2019. 

The special tweet was followed by another tweet very next day, where he thanked everyone for sending their love for his father, mentioning that his father was his teacher. 

Married Status, Wife

Nick Weir is possibly among those who prefer to keep a very secret personal life so that no one can dig up their personal details.

Hence, due to his privacy, the details like his married status, relationship, or existence of any partner in his life are unknown. 

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However, someone who is known in public would least wish to expose his personal life, as it might bring unnecessary attention, which can also affect personal life.

Now, if someone is still keen on to know what’s up in his personal life, they must wait until Nick himself reveals his personal life detail. 

Quick Facts

  • Nick Weir is a very tall man who stands at the height of 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 meters). 
  • He left the show, 'Catchphrase,' after three series just because of his unpopularity among audiences. 
  • His brother, Simon, also works together with him on the same ship cruise, Royal Caribbean International; however, his brother works as a Director of Hotel Operations.