Myers Jackson Wiki, Age, Wife, Family

Myers Jackson was born on 19 January as per his reveals his age...about his married life...his ex-wife...about his married life...and divorce auction fees depending upon the circumstances...his net worth has changed multiple times...bankruptcy auction fees...his family...his educational and professional background...satisfactory height to his career...

Myers Jackson Wiki, Age, Wife, Family

Quick Information

Myers Jackson is an American accredited auctioneer and real estate specialist. He was licensed as a real estate broker in 1999 and first licensed as an auctioneer in 2000.

He started on his reality TV journey on Texas Flip and Move for DIY Networks in 2013. Despite his brief appearance on only one segment throughout the show, Myers is one of the most popular and prominent members in it and is responsible for the whole concept behind the reality venture.

Myers Jackson’s Wiki-Like Bio, Family

Myers, age 52, knew since the beginning of his early days, what he wanted to do for a living. For that reason, he got his formal education accordingly.

Myers went onto the Certified Auctioneers Institute and got certified with honor in 2006. Then, he got himself into many real estate courses and received in-depth knowledge and several experiences in the field.

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Furthermore, he got an incredible exposure to search engine marketing, majoring in keyword discovery and tracking, link targeting, advance content writing, and whatnot. He was also an ALC-pre candidate in Real Estate and Land Marketing for fourteen long years.

Despite all the peeking the public gets on his educational and professional background, his personal life remains in a complete shadow. The auctioneer's family background is yet to be revealed in his life story so far.

Married To Wife, Divorce?

Myers, like many other previous Texas Flip & Move stars, found himself in trouble when the Radar online magazine obtained the TV star’s bankruptcy filing from January 2017 revealing that he was at least $237K in debt.

It was reported that he owed $80K to his ex, Mary Ruth Jackson while his son, Jake Jackson, was listed as a co-debtor in one of his credit cards.

It was the first, and the last time Mary Ruth was mentioned in his life history. She may be the mother of his two children, Jake and Emily, but to call her his ex-wife is too soon without him being vocal on the real deal or about his married life.

As for now, he is romantically involved with someone other than May Ruth, whose name is yet to be unveiled.

Myers Jackson with his lady love enjoying the country side's fresh air and the green grass on 9 March 2019 (Photo: Myers Jackson's Facebook)

His Instagram presence is entirely restricted to the public while his Facebook lets his fans and followers a little bit of peeking into his private matters.

Myers recently flaunted some casual day outs with his now-partner, raising some speculations that questioned the possibility of his plans on turning her into his wife.

His Net Worth

Myers has been in the business as an entrepreneur, for over 20 years. He has been a self-employed person since 1993, and his net worth has changed multiple times facing its highs and lows during his career.

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The net worth issues when it comes to Myers Jackson is more of a subjective matter. Despite being an auctioneer and real estate broker for over 24 states, and the excellent salary he earns from it, he does not pride his net worth by money but preferably by his self-worth.

His actual net worth is based on the land sales, house sales, bankruptcy auction fees, and divorce auction fees depending upon the circumstances.

Currently, after achieving a certain satisfactory height to his career, Myers has been involved as a development director for the, a national Veterans Organization with a mission to listen, learn and observe the needs of veterans and their families aid in education, vocations, training, support, and service