Melissa Cohen Wedding, Job, Family, Net Worth

Melissa Cohen got married to the famous name, Hunter Biden, who is an attorney and CEO by unfolds her family details and age...ten days of dating led to wedding...inspired by her mother's social worker job... $50K from her husband's net worth...allowing her to keep her two-and-half carat diamond ring from engagement...

Melissa Cohen Wedding, Job, Family, Net Worth

Notoriety no doubt comes in many fashions, and for Melissa Cohen, it came as she got married to the famous name, Hunter Biden, who is an attorney and CEO by profession. 

Hunter is also celebrated as the son of former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. 

First came the headlines that the son of Democratic presidential hopeful privately married a gorgeous South African activist, and then many rose curious eyebrows to who exactly was the luckiest girl! 

Melissa may not have asked for fame, but everything must have been worthwhile, getting to call the handsome American lawyer and lobbyist, her husband. 

Melissa Cohen's Bio: Age, Family

Melissa, now age 32-33, was adopted and raised by a couple in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She then became part of the conservative middle-class Jewish family. 

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Reportedly, Melissa is a loving daughter to her parents, Lee, and Zoe, and the favorite sibling to her brothers, Garyn, Dalan, and Josh.

Lovingly, her family and friends referred her 'Missy' or simply 'Mel,' while she liked to call herself the 'jungle girl' ever since she was a kid.

And as presumed early on, Melissa grew up to become a passionate environmentalist and anti-poaching campaigner.

And lately, the animal lover has become more vocal about anti-semitism.

Perhaps, it had something to do with her growing in a Jewish household and also a bit more to do with her mother's job- that being serving for the betterment of society and humankind as a whole.

Melissa's Impromtu Wedding To Hunter Biden

It was widely headlined that a mere ten days of dating led to Melissa and Hunter's wedding.

One day, Hunter popped the question as he went down on his knees, and the very next day, the couple were said to have tied the knot.

Melissa Cohen and Hunter Biden spotted together (Photo: People)

It was indeed an impromptu wedding that they had, and not to mention a secluded one.

It was only later that the media and the public came to know about it.

As reported by the DailyMailTV, the ceremony occurred on a rundown roof deck at Mellissa's apartment in West Hollywood, her pet 'Poodle' witnessing their "I do's."

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No guests awaiting in both sides of the aisle, not even the flowers and special arrangements, yet all that mattered was that it was an auspicious occasion for the bride and the groom, each having experienced a failed marriage and hence a divorce in the past.

Hunter, who got married to Melissa on the 16th of May 2019, was previously married to Kathleen Biden.

From the marriage, the exes share three children, Finnegan, Maisy, and Naomi Biden. The former-Bidens reportedly separated in 2015.

Meanwhile, Melissa married the entrepreneur named Jason Landver in 2011, and she reportedly enjoyed a whirlwind romance with her "wealthy" hubby.

Then, little over two years later, they parted ways and settled over a divorce that gave Melissa a $50K from Jason's net worth- allowing her to keep her two-and-half carat diamond ring from engagement.