Mel Giedroyc Husband, Partner, Family, Children

Mel Giedroyc met her husband at a dinner party arranged by her now sister-in-law...with her comedy partner, Sue Perkins...four and a half months pregnant as she walked down on a wedding details and age as of now...shared responsibility of children...came to the conclusion that comedy for her was...the chemistry between them did wonders in the...

Mel Giedroyc Husband, Partner, Family, Children

Mel Giedroyc’s mother and father both have got this “very well-tuned senses of humor,” and so has Mel, the one half of the comedy duo, ‘Mel and Sue.’

Mel has unitedly co-hosted several TV series, including Light Lunch for Channel 4, The Great British Bake Off for the BBC, and chat show entitled, Mel and Sue with her comedy partner, Sue Perkins. 

Mel concluded that comedy was her only calling way early on, and every dilemma about career soon started making sense to her after she met Sue when attending Cambridge.

And luckily, the whole world got to witness how the chemistry between them did wonders in the entertainment industry.

Age, Family Details

Mel, 51, was born as the youngest daughter to her parents, Michal Giedroyc and Rosemary, in Epsom, Surrey.

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And, interestingly, Mel grew up embracing her mixed ancestry of Belgian, Polish, Lithuanian and Belarussian.

Her father, a Polish immigrant, aircraft designer, and historian by profession, who survived imprisonment in Siberia during the war moved to Britain back in 1947.

More to Mel’s family is her three siblings- Coky Giedroyc, the award-winning director, then comes Miko, nine years older than Mel and musician by profession, and the strongest of all, Kasia, happily married with seven children to Philip Parham, a British Ambassador. 

Who is Mel Giedroyc’s Husband / Partner?

Mel lived to perfect partnership in her professional life, and that is not a secret anymore. But what people may not yet know is that she also shares a likewise alliance in her private part of life.

At this point in her life, Mel credits her success and accomplishments, all of it to her husband, Ben Morris- a teacher at LAMDA and TV director.

It is all thanks to her partner in “good days and not-so-good days,” that Mel was able to pursue a career and that too for a very long time.

Mel has time and again confirmed that had it not been for Ben, who took shared responsibility for the care of their children, it would have been a disaster.

Forced to put a halt in her job after having two daughters, Flossie and Vita- a year apart and both in their teens, sure enough, would have been a different story altogether.

Mel Giedroyc with her husband, Ben Morris, and two daughters, Flossie and Vita (Photo:

Looking back, all Mel can hope is, as parents, they presented their daughters a balanced view of life.

Wedding Day

Mel met Ben at a dinner party arranged by her now sister-in-law to bring them together.

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Two years later, four and a half months pregnant with her first baby, Flossie, Mel walked down on the wedding aisle.

As she went back the memory lane, this is what she had to say about her big day-

Lovely, but I made all the wrong choices. Wrong haircut. Wrong dress. Wrong make-up. Wrong everything hastily put together. We did it all in six weeks.

And, someday, Mel would want to do it all over again, with shift dress on, barefoot and obviously no make-up on.