Mayeli Alonso Age, Net Worth, Husband, Family

Mayeli Alonso's biography reveals her age...has accumulated a net worth of...married to a Mexican singer-songwriter...gifted her husband a...found love again Instagram sensation...singer named Jesus Mendoza...celebrates her birthday on 2 December...with friends and family...Mexican by nationality...a great height of success...

Mayeli Alonso Age, Net Worth, Husband, Family

Quick Information

Makeup artist and a successful businesswoman, Mayeli Alonso, ended a decade-long marriage with the Mexican singer Lupillo Rivera and is now dating Jesus Mendoza.

End of the Decade-Long Marriage with Lupillo Revera

Although the couple started as a fairytale love story, it came to a brutal end. Alonso and Revera tied the knot in 2006 and welcomed two kids, Lupita and a son L’Rey. 

After twelve years of marriage, news regarding the couple filing for divorce stirred the media in 2018. Reportedly the divorced paper recorded their reason for separation as “irreconcilable differences.” 

However, the accurate reason is unknown; there had been rumors of Alonso cheating on Revera, which was speculated as to the cause for the divorce by several sources. A report highlighted that a close friend of the coupled revealed the reason for the divorce was the alleged infidelity on Alonso’s part. 

Responding to the infidelity rumor, Alonso took to her Instagram account on May 7, 2018, denying the accusation and said, “This is dirty and I will not allow it.” She also said she would take legal actions against whoever was involved in negatively affecting her reputation.

Alonso Cleared The Divorce-Related Rumors

As the false accusation was getting heavy for the beauty blogger, she decided to come forth for some explanation. Alonso spoke out in an interview with Univision to clear the air circling her divorce from the singer.  

Surprisingly, the reason for their separation came out to be a financial disagreement between the couple, as she revealed. She also mentioned signing a prenup agreement that said she would not get anything after the couple broke up. And further, they began growing distant when Alonso became the finance supporter in the family.  

Furthermore, she mentioned the heated argument at the end of their relationship was related to an “intimate game,” on which she hesitated to elaborate. But, all in all, she mentioned the argument caused her to leave the house in anger and added that cheating was never the case. 

Love Found Its Way

After the dreadful end to her marriage, the beauty expert has moved on and is engaged to the singer Jesus Mendoza.  

The couple has been together since 2018, and Alonso doesn’t hesitate to share their togetherness through her social media posts. 

The couple also spent their 2019 Christmas together, which Alonso shared on Instagram and said was one of the best Christmas of her life. 

Career and Net Worth

The Mexican beauty expert began as a beauty blogger, and she now stands as an accomplished businesswoman who owns two businesses, Drama Queen and Evolution Fit.

With Drama Queen, founded in 2014, Alonso explores her love for cosmetics by launching her own cosmetics line, while Evolution Fit is all about fitness and health. 

Based on her businesses, a source reports Alonso’s net worth to be 500 thousand dollars as of 2021.