Kyan Douglas Boyfriend, Married, Net Worth, Now

Kyan Douglas, planning to wed in front of his family and friends with his long haul boyfriend... the story of coming out as gay...about getting unfolds his age as of accepted him and permitted him...flaunting a whooping net worth longer feel uncomfortable in his own skin...denied his homosexuality all his high school and even dated girls...

Kyan Douglas Boyfriend, Married, Net Worth, Now

“There is something inside of us that guides us, and if you are quiet and listen to it, you’ll be all right”- said Kyan Douglas, the famous stylist, and television personality in one of his interviews and from what it looks like, the very believe kept him going in a life journey so far.

The days he lived to up until now has been a complete roller coaster ride, and the tales are worth sharing for among his die-hard fans and followers.

Kyan Douglas: Coming Out As Gay

While a great many celebs fear of coming out real about their sexual orientation, Kyan has forever and unapologetically been open of being gay, and his audiences love him for being himself.

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During one of his interviews, the graduate of Loyola University New Orleans spoke about several aspects of his life, and the story, including his coming out as gay to his friends and family.

Kyan confessed that he knew from the very start in life that he was unlike the other boys his age. Although, he became aware of his sexuality later in life and was convinced that he would no longer feel uncomfortable in his own skin as of the date.

Before that, not sure of it, he dismissed his homosexuality all his high school and even dated girls.

Surprisingly enough, his folks, despite being part of a Catholic family, accepted him and permitted him to be himself.

Who Is Kyan’s Boyfriend?

With Kyan’s name getting bigger, he is more talked upon in some way or another, especially over his personal life.

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And, in the scenario where Kyan has since the very beginning spoken about his being gay- his people never get tired of showering him with queries about the lucky guy in his life.

Once happily engaged, he was even planning to wed in front of his family and friends with his long haul boyfriend, Greg Durham. However, the 2006-union never made its present days, without Kyan letting us know when was the last time, the pair was an item.

Then in the year 2010, the Tallahassee, Florida native, was linked with Queer as Folk star Robert Gant.

Kyan Douglas with attending the Backstage at "Avenue Q" with his boyfriend, Robert Gant (Photo:

There is not much to tell about the outing. However, they were spotted attending some red carpet event.

Meanwhile, in recent times, with a lack of proof and anything to hint on the matter, it is too soon to comment on his being married or a bachelor. What we know for now is that he adopted a gorgeous doggy named Maya- an ex-racer from Australia.

Seemingly he found a new joy in life at the age of 49- the same time he flaunts a good net worth valued at $4 million.