Kimberly Fey Married, Husband, Divorce, Boyfriend and Dating

Kimberly Fey is an engineer, a recording engineer. Being an engineer is a good job and it is cooler to be one in the music industry. You are surrounded by amazing and successful singers and it is always fun. Kim also found her interest and made a career as an engineer serving the music industry. It has been very lucky for her that Kim found a job in the field of music but it went even luckier when she found her husband while she was working.

Kimberly Fey Married, Husband, Divorce, Boyfriend and Dating

Quick Information

Working in a job as a recording engineer is refreshing as one gets to be around the amazing and successful singers. Similar is the life of engineer Kimberley Fey. Kimberly Fey was born in the year 1969 to her parents. With a passion for engineering, she blended two professions by working as an engineer in the music industry.

Kimberley Fey Husband

It was fortunate for Kim to find a job in the field of music but it was even luckier that she found her husband in her workplace. She found the man of her dreams, Donnie Wahlberg, during her work. 

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Donnie is a singer, songwriter, actor, film producer and record producer who has rocked not only the world of music but also other spectrums and had roles in The Sixth Sense, Dreamcatcher, etc.

Kim and Donnie got married to each other on 20 August 1999. They went out dating each other as girlfriend and boyfriend and discovered that they were perfect for each other resulting in their marriage. They cherished their moments together and even raised children together. They were blessed with two sons Xavier, 25, and Elijah, 16.

Kimberley Fey's Life After Divorce?

When everything between the couple was going normal, a wind came and heavily struck the life of Kim and Donnie. Then, the couple failed to make any sense and parted their ways. 

Kimberley Fey takes a photo with her ex-husband Donnie Wahlberg (Photo:

In 2010, the couple got divorced making an end to the 9-years-long jocular relationship life. The couple cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ for the reason of their divorce. The magic of their affair finally came to an end.

Accepting her responsibilities, Kim chose to take a sole legal and physical custody for her two sons that she gave birth to. She was ready to give the visiting rights for Donnie. Not only that, but she also got the spousal support from Wahlberg. Donnie has enough net worth to support his ex-wife.

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Life goes on and so do the people. Said that Donnie moved on and married the comedian Jenny McCarthy in 2014.

However, there is nothing we can say about Kimberly’s relationship. She must not have found anyone she can share and trust her life with. Kim is loyal to her family and has made all her attempts to do the best for her children.

Despite the ascending age, Kim still looks hot and sexy. Her children have grown up to become young and dashing. Her sons might follow the league of their father, whose bio is so appealing. Moreover. her children have no problem with his father dating other women.