Devale Ellis' Wife Khadeen Ellis Facts: Net Worth, Nationality, Parents & More

The YouTuber and podcast host Khadeen Ellis is a proud mother to her three little adorable sons with her husband, Devale Ellis.

Devale Ellis' Wife Khadeen Ellis Facts: Net Worth, Nationality, Parents & More

To the American actress and YouTube star Khadeen Ellis, nothing is greater than her family. The mother of three has been married to the former American Football player, Devale Ellis, since 2010 and places her family above all. She and Devale are doing their best to provide their kids with a stable and nurturing environment and raise them right. 

Khadeen Ellis’ Husband And Children 

Starting a new exciting chapter in their life, Ellis and Devale took their vows on July 4, 2010, after several years of dating. In her Instagram handle, she shared a picture of her with Devale when they were young and had just begun dating. The couple’s connection has been undeniable since they first met and is still as strong as before.

The pair has three sons, 10-year-old Jackson Karter Ellis, 5-year-old Kairo Shakur Ellis, and 3-year-old Kaz Hendrix Ellis from their almost two decades of marriage. The fashionista doesn’t miss a chance to appreciate her kids’ presence in her life and often posts about them with heartfelt captions. In a post of May 10, she wrote, 

You three could have chosen anyone, but you chose me. What an honor, privilege, and JOY it’s been so far to walk alongside you in this life. Looking forward to being your biggest comforter, most faithful prayer warrior, compass when you need direction, and unyielding support system. Ain’t no hood like motherhood!! Thank you

Both Ellis and her husband embrace their parenthood responsibly and prioritize giving their kids the right care. 

Khadeen Ellis with her husband and children. (Source: Instagram)

Who Is Devale Ellis?

Deval Ellis, aged thirty-seven, is an actor and former American football player who played for Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns. In 2006 Lions signed Deval as an undrafted free agent, where he played against the Seattle Seahawks in the season opener. After he was waived from the team, the Lions re-signed Deval, and he played against the Buffalo Bills.  

Later, Deval was let go from the Lions, and he spent a year away from the game. Then, in 2009, he finalized a contract with the Cleveland Browns but was waived after a year. Since then, he hasn’t resumed his career in football. 

Not having an expected career in sports, the actor dived into acting in 2013 and has been in several films and series, out of which he is most recognized for Gotham, NCIS, and A Piece of Me. Besides acting, he is also a podcast host of his own show called Dead Ass and has a YouTube channel with his wife; he uploads their daily lifestyle family vlogs in the channel. 

What Is Her Profession And Net Worth? 

The American nationality holder made her television debut in 2018, appearing in Black Love, a tv series documentary. Having been on a few shows to date, she is mostly known for A Piece of me: An Everyday Story, Makeup x Breakup, and The Business of Christmas. 

However, she is more prominent as a YouTuber and podcast host with her husband at his podcast show, where the couple discusses and shares their opinion on lifestyle, relationship, love, children, and many more.

Her YouTube channel, which has subscribers over 66 thousand, mostly covers lifestyle and regular family life. Although her YouTube channel does not make her a bulky earning as per analysis, she must have accumulated a hefty net worth from other aspects of her career.