Kendall Vertes Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, How Old Is She?

Kendall Vertes' bio reveals that she was born to her parents...has reached the age of...Kendall K Vertes with a middle name K...celebrates her birthday on 9th December...youngest among two a young age, she has made a net worth her boyfriend...the fresh couple has traveled to several exotic places...only at eighteen months...

Kendall Vertes Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, How Old Is She?

History itself tells the story of so many great dancers who defined their era through their creative dancing styles. 

Likewise, Kendall Vertes is treading the same path as those who came before her; perhaps, she will be remembered as one of the historically great dancers of her generation in years to come. 

The dancer from Pittsburgh is a well-recognized and appreciated dance prodigy who has hogged the limelight on the dance floor since she made an appearance on the second season of the Lifetime series, Dance Moms, alongside her mother, Jill Vertes. 

Kendall garnered praise from her fans and admirers for her passionate and intense dance styles. 

Moreover, not satisfied with a one ended a career, Kendall showed her versatility and ability to multitask when she branched out into singing and modeling. 

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For her modeling effort, she has already been featured in songs like Summer Love Songs, It's A Girl Party, Freaks Like Me, and Boomerang. 

Kendall Vertes' Bio: Age & Family Details

Born in 2002 to Erno Valer Vertes and Jill Vertes, Kendall K Vertes celebrates her birthday on 9th December every year.

Kendall's middle name 'K' is in honor of her cousins, whose names all begin with the letter K. 

Her father is a former professional tennis player and has also appeared on the show in the episode, "Twas the Fight Before Christman." 

Her mother, Jill Vertes, on the other hand, is an American reality star and actress, who gained prominence after she appeared on the Dance Moms with Kendall. 

Kendall Vertes with her mother, Jill Vertes and father Erno Valer Vertes on 23 September 2019 (Photo: Kendall Vertes' Instagram)

Recalling her early life, Kendall spent her childhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her two siblings, elder sister Charlotte Vertes and other elder sister, Ryleigh Vertes.

Like Kendall, her sister, Ryleigh, also took up dancing, while Charlotte decided to follow their father's footsteps and learned tennis.

Kendall loves to hang out with her family and never misses a chance to have a family gathering whenever she is not working. 

More to Kendall's facts reveal that she has always had a pep in her step from a young age, and only at eighteen months, she began her dance training. 

Net Worth

Although Kendall joined as part of the OG Dance Moms, she still earned the recognition as one of the most famous dancers. 

Besides her dancing ventures, she has also been successful with her musical ventures. 

Moreover, from her different career, she might be living a lavish life, enjoying her net worth of $1.5 million

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At a young age, she has gained success in making such value, and in the upcoming future, she will undoubtedly add more worth to her net worth.

Dating, Boyfriend

Kendall, who has just reached the age of sixteen, has already found love life. She is dating John Rink, another rising personality on Instagram. 

Together, the fresh dating couple has traveled to several exotic places and spend quality time in each other embrace. 

Kendall Vertes with her boyfriend, John Rink, on 23 September 2019 (Photo: John Rink's Instagram)

Kendall also feels happy and open to share her romantic life on her social media account, where she flaunts her romantic journey with her fans and admirers.