Katie Austin Bio, Age, Parents, Dating Status

By Staff Writer | On: 14 Aug, 2019
Katie Austin Bio, Age, Parents, Dating Status

The splendid fitness personality, Katie Austin, was initially recognized by Seventeen Magazine as one of the top ten fitness enthusiasts.

As the daughter of a fitness instructor mother, Katie was always into the field of fitness. Her healthy tips and recipes led her to the peak of fame through Instagram.

As of now, Katie works as an Instagram fitness enthusiast, a YouTuber, and a fitness blogger.

Bio: Age, Parents

Katie Austin was born as Katherine Reed Austin to her parents, Denise and Jeff Austin. The 25-year-old motivational star was born on 2nd October 1993. The native of Washington, District of Columbia, Katie grew up in a family of four.

Katie Austin, who stands at the height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.64 meters), also has a sister named Kelly Austin. Katie is the younger of two siblings, Kelly, being about three years older than her.

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Further, most of Katie’s family members are among the famous ones. Her mother is a popular writer, while her father is a renowned tennis player. Also, Katie’s aunt, Tracy Austin, has served as the tennis player for her country for a long time.

Hopefully, this famous family legacy of Katie encourages many to work in the field of their interest. No doubt, many people already look up to her family for their self-enhancement and growth.

Katie Austin Dating Boyfriend

Katie has been very honest with her fans regarding her relationships. She has opened up to them that she has been single as of now.

However, Katie believes that no relationship is a waste of time. Thus, she has never stepped back, revealing about her past relationships.

Katie was previously in a blissful relationship with Bradly McIntosh for more than a year. She mentioned in one of her YouTube videos that Bradly was one of the bests she ever got.

He was a loving and caring boyfriend, and Katie shared a lot of common interests with him. Further, she said that she was quite selfish for breaking up with him and that she wished for him to be happy.

Katie Austin's last Instagram photo with her then-boyfriend, Bradly McIntosh, on 5 July 2018 (Photo: Katie Austin's Instagram)

While in the same video, Katie also revealed her first true love, her college boyfriend.

She mentioned that she was in a relationship with her college boyfriend for four long years. Her college boyfriend cheated on her, which was the reason for their break-up.

With this, Katie also unveiled the fact that she had a hard time dealing with her break-up with him.

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As of now, Katie is leading a single life, traveling, and learning new things each day.

She is discovering herself with every single touch of life and maintaining her fitness the best. With all her positive vibes, Katie inspires many to deal with hard times and be present to themselves. 

Clothing, Net Worth

Katie has been one of the most encouraging fitness models.

She works as a fitness blogger and has the most prominent part to play in the GetFitWithKatie fitness program.

Lately, Katie has also started vlogging and is in the rising stage as a YouTuber. Further, Katie’s fantastic fashion sense has also made her stand out as a famous Instagram personality. 

With all her fabulous commanding works in multiple fields, Katie has undoubtedly garnered a satisfying amount of net worth, to this date.