Jon Buscemi Net Worth, Wife, Family

Jon Buscemi's bio reveals his current age of 43...his family details are...fascinated into fashion designing from an early age...his brand manufactures and distributes its products like shoes and clothing...his married life with wife can be defined as...regarding their first meeting and wedding...his career has helped him to earn a net worth of...the luxury brand was co-founded...

Jon Buscemi Net Worth, Wife, Family

It won't be wrong to say that the fame that Jon Buscemi has earned over the years has all been because of his brain behind the famous fashion brand, “Buscemi.”

Jon, who grew up in New York, had people embracing different ethnicities that influenced him of learning those different cultures and traditions. 

That helped him create products that would match up with the likings of every people around the globe.

Today, Jon has established his brand among one of the best fashion brands across the world with his marketing skills and quality products. 

Net Worth From Career

You must be familiar with the clothing and shoe brand, Buscemi. If not, then, Buscemi is an American brand that manufactures and distributes products like shoes and clothing. 

Well, the luxury brand was co-founded by none other than Jon Buscemi in 2013. 

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Jon Buscemi, who is a native of New York, started building interest in designing and clothing from an early age.

This interest became an inspiration for him which helped him to form his brand. His products gained good ratings from the customers for its comfort and high-end-looks. 

Hence, with the rise of his brand, Jon too achieved great fame which has helped him to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. 

Through his brand company, he also enjoys a massive net worth; however, he has not disclosed his actual net worth to the public. 

Adding to the context, he has purchased a luxurious house in Los Angeles in 2016, which costs approximately $2.86 million. 

Is Jon Buscemi Married To Wife?

The answer to the question is, definitely YES!

The co-founder of the world’s best footwear brand, Buscemi, is happily married to his Filipino wife, Maria Buscemi.

The two of them have been together for a long time, even though the information regarding their first meeting and wedding has been concealed.

Furthermore, Jon and Buscemi have been blessed parents of their 10-year-old handsome son, Benny Buscemi. The Buscemi family is often captured together in a frame and gives great family goals vibes to their admirers. 

Jon Buscemi posing for a photo with his wife, Maria Buscemi, and his son, Benny Buscemi on 23 November 2018 (Photo: Jon Buscemi's Instagram)

In life, complete satisfaction and comfort come only with a happily settled family.

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Thus, Jon surely enjoys that comfort in his life along with his wife and son, whom he refers to as his “old earth.”

Short Bio

The famous fashion designer, Jon Buscemi, was born on the 3rd of October 1975. Hence, his birth year reveals his age to be 43 currently. 

Digging into the family life of Jon, there is very little detail that he has disclosed among his fans. He often prefers to stay low key, which stops his genuine fans from acquiring his general family details. 

However, looking at his simplicity and hard-working spirit, one can surely say that he must have gained all his down-to-earth nature from his parents while growing up.