Jason Agnew Bio, Married, Family

Jason Agnew is The Toronto, Canada born television host as per bio...two end up getting married...become husband and wife... girlfriend is a life coach...about his family background and parents...40 years of age...stands tall at the height of 6 feet...major educational degree holder...earns an average salary of...spiritual connectivity between the two...

Jason Agnew Bio, Married, Family

Some people get completely frustrated with the single job they do while some enjoy taking multiple jobs. What leads you to multitask is your involvement and positivity towards the work you do.

Jason Agnew is one perfect example of a positive multitasker. He is majorly known for being the host of BITE television, although there are many other fields he is recognized for.

Jason is an improviser, actor, host, producer, as well as a writer for television and radio. Despite working for many, the man maintains a balance in his professions as he works in radio during the weekends while on TV in the weekdays.

Besides, Jason has also been the producer for the documentary series, Summit of Life.

Jason’s job as an actor and producer doesn’t clarify his actual income; however, his profession as the radio and TV host supposedly pays him an average salary of C$70K per year.

Jason Agnew Married To Girlfriend / Wife?

Jason Agnew is in a relationship with the producer of ET Canada, Sharon Stokes. Apart from being a channel producer, Jason’s girlfriend is a life coach who is an attendee of The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

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Anyone broadly observing the life of Jason and Sharon would undoubtedly refer to the two as the perfect couple. And the only reason for this would be their inner nature of living their lives to the fullest and enjoying every moment life grants them.

Jason Agnew poses with his girlfriend Sharon Strokes in their trip to Pacific Coast Highway on 21 May 2019 (Photo: Sharon Strokes' Instagram)

Both Jason and Sharon are multi-talented souls, along with being multi professionals. The perfect description for the two would be the happy admirers of life.

Their lives full of travel and adventure is one example of their power coupling. There seems to be spiritual connectivity between the two that has made them stand as the perfect pair.

Hopefully, the hardcore pairing between Jason and Sharon remains the same for their lifetime, so that the two end up getting married to become husband and wife.

No doubt, this positive pair has a lot more adventures waiting for them in the near future.

Jason Agnew Bio: Age, Family

The Toronto, Canada born television host Jason Agnew is 40 years of age. Born on 15 June 1978, the man is the major educational degree holder in Radio and Television from the Ryerson University.

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Apart from being a host, Jason is also an actor, who stands tall at the height of 6 feet (1.82 meters).

Further, Jason is a multi-talented guy who is skilled in multiple sports like Ice Hockey, Softball, Fishing, Golf, and many more. In addition to the sports he plays, Jason is also a Mixed Martial Arts and Pro-Wrestling Analyst.

Unlike his career openness, Jason has not revealed much about his family background and parents. However, despite concealing the in-depth information regarding them, Jason has once called his grandfather and his mother as guests on his radio show.