Car Fix Cast Jared Zimmerman Bio: Age, Married, Net Worth

Jared Zimmerman celebrates his birthday on 25th of reveals his age of...about his family details...had a knack to repair cars...accomplished welder...hosted the TV series, Car Fix...became the technical producer...particular net worth draws an average salary of...was married in the heart to his eight years of girlfriend...followed by the comment...

Car Fix Cast Jared Zimmerman Bio: Age, Married, Net Worth

Quick Information

It isn't always an automobile fanatic, who shares a special bond with cars; there are people who are actually enthusiastic when it comes to vehicles, carrying the knowledge of the necessary modifications required in a car. And making it to the screens of televisions is a whole other thing, which takes dedication and extraordinary talent. One of those successful car enthusiasts is Jared Zimmerman, who is known for his appearances on Car Fix, All Girls Garage, and Superhuman.

Jared Zimmerman Married

Jared Zimmerman might be very enthusiastic regards to his automobiles and livelihood, but when it comes to his personal life, he is a bit less considerate. Therefore, there is no actual evidence about his married life or whether he is even married for that matter.

At one point, he mentioned his wife on a tweet that said, 'My wife's dad is a pig farmer... I've had the pleasure,' which hinted that he was married. However, the tweet was followed by the comment, 'Thought you were married.' To confirm his relationship status, Jared replied, 'LOL well, after eight years we pretty much are. Just in no rush.'

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Jared Zimmerman mentions his married status on 21 May 2017 (Photo: Jared Zimmerman's Twitter)

The tweet was more than enough to conclude that Jared was married in the heart to his eight years of girlfriend. But the reality star keeps his personal details in the shadows.

Car Fix / Net Worth

From a young age, Jared had a knack to repair cars, restore antique aircraft and build hot rods under his father’s influence. He took his electrical, tuning, and fabrication skills very thoroughly. As an accomplished welder with a deep interest in circuits, Jared built complex analog electronics from scratch. Besides, he even helped campaign a record-breaking salt flats racing that reached speeds over 315 mph.

He earned great fame and recognition and made his appearance in the 2014 series, Superhuman. He also appeared on Scartape in 2012. Besides that, Jared also hosted the TV series, Car Fix and later became the technical producer of the show.

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All his popularity ought to be sufficient to amass a particular net worth, and as a host of the show Car Fix, he now draws an average salary of $56K per annum.

Jared Zimmerman Bio, Age

Jared Zimmerman celebrates his birthday on 25th of January every year. However, he has not disclosed any information about his date of birth and age. When it comes to his family details, his bio reveals minimal information about his parents and his childhood.

However, in one of his tweet, he mentioned his mother, wishing her on Mother’s Day. Apart from those tweets, he has not yet revealed any authentic information about his family members.

The car enthusiast is also a keen dog lover and has a pet named Cali. As of now, he hosts the SEMA Show.