Janelle Ginestra Bio: Age, Married Life & Husband Details

Janelle Ginestra's bio reveals that she was born in 1989...has reached the age of 30...is married to fellow dancer Will DaBeast Adams in September 2018...got engaged in May 2017...the couple first met at a dancer showcase...from being dance partner to business partners, they are now...

Janelle Ginestra Bio: Age, Married Life & Husband Details

Janelle Ginestra, an accomplished dancer and choreographer who has reached the height of her career working alongside some acclaimed choreographers and popular shows, has been married to the dancer and choreographer William Adams, a.k.a Willdabeast Adams.

The couple tied their knot in 2018. But recently, not having seen the two make appearances on each other’s social media, their fans speculate if they are still together. So let’s spill some tea on that matter. 

Did Janelle Ginestra And William Adams Split?

It isn’t clear if Ginestra and Adams are divorced or they still relish their married life. But, not seeing them together on their social media sure raised suspicion regarding their relationship. 

The couple first crossed each other’s path in a dance rehearsal in 2009. After few years of dating, the duo got engaged on May 2017 and tied the knot on September 2018. 

The wedding was held in Huntington Beach, California and the bride and groom threw an electrifying dance performance for their guests. The dance routine summarized the entire story of their relationship. 

Their big day indeed looked complete with their astonishing performance, and the guests were thrilled with excitement. Ginestra and Adams’ sweet journey together is evident in their social media, where they frequently uploaded their casual and special moments. 

For instance, Ginestra took to ‘gram to wish her husband on their first marriage anniversary and posted a short video clip of their big day. She wrote, 

I am the luckiest person to be able to call you willdabeast my husband. You are one of a kind. My kind. The person that literally brightens any room. You connect with any and every person, and it’s a pleasure to watch you change the world - with even the simplest things you do. I love you more and more every day

Making an addition to the family of two, the duo later adopted a cat named Fran. They loved the ca like their own child, but unfortunately, Fran died on May 6, 2020. Ginestra even has an Instagram page filled with pictures and videos of Fran.  

Again, Ginestra has adopted another cat, Lilah, and keeps giving updates on Lilah through her ‘gram.  

Know More About Jannelle Ginestra 

Born in 1989, Ginestra was passionate about dance from an early age and took dances classes when she was little. However, after moving from Santa Clara to Los Angles with her mother to pursue acting, the dancer landed few roles in commercials and TV shows. 

But, as the acting was not going as expected, she returned to Northern California and began her high school education. Later, she trained at Starstruck Cheer and Dance, after which she got the opportunity to become a backup dancer and choreographer for various events and concerts. 

Continuing to excel in her career, the choreographer later performed alongside the superstars such as Pink, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, etc. And she even choreographed in a K-pop music video, Bicycle by Chung Ha. 

Moreover, judging her successful career in dancing, she must have gathered a hefty net worth, but the information is yet unavailable.