InquisitorMaster Wiki, Real Name, Boyfriend

InquisitorMaster and Zach are still in their love bubble.

InquisitorMaster Wiki, Real Name, Boyfriend

Quick Information

The wildly popular YouTuber Alex Teran who goes by the name InsquisitorMaster on the social media platforms, is in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Zach a.k.a. ZacharyZaxor. The couple has been together since 2017, and Zach often appears on her Instagram and YouTube channel. 

A Look Into InquisitorMaster’s Love Life

Alex and Zachary Todd are in a love bubble and are still going strong. The YouTubers started dating on October 13, 2017, and Alex’s affection for her boyfriend is obvious through her social media updates, where she shared her moments with Zach frequently. 

Like Alex, Zach also has a YouTube channel named ZacharyZaxor with over 3 million subscribers, where he uploads short anime videos. In one of his Instagram posts of 2019, Zach shared a picture holing a YouTube play button he received for crossing a million subscribers. The YouTuber thanked all followers and supporters who supported him throughout his journey,

And, the fact that he mentioned Alex and specially thanked her for being supportive to him reflects how much the duo loves each other. Moreover, the duo jointly formed a group named Zalex as an ode to their blossoming relationship. 

Time and again, the romantic Zach proves how much he loves his girlfriend, presenting her with amazing gifts and surprises. In one instance, he surprised Alex with a giant teddy bear and a thousand roses for the 2019 valentine’s Day. Not only that, but he also surprised her with an adorable puppy. 

Even their fans love and support the couple so much that their The Zach and Alex plushies sold out of stock immediately after few minutes of going live. 

InquisitorMaster Alex goes for a night date with her boyfriend Zachary Todd on 11 January 2019 (Source: Zack’s Instagram)

Know Her Personal Details 

Born in the USA in 1994, the YouTube star celebrates her birthday on May 1. Alex, aged 26, gained popularity through her YouTube channel and often goes by the name InqusitorMaster among her followers. 

Though her real name is Alex Teran, some of her fans believe that her name is Alex Einstien. But, as she explained it in one of her videos, her last name Einstien was given to her in school for her smartness. 

The anime lover, who stands at the height of 1.67 meters, has not yet revealed her parents and family details. Also, her ethnicity remains concealed. In fact, she is very private about her childhood, high school, and college as well. Only the fact that she resides in Texas is known in the meantime. 

Soared To Fame Through Her YouTube Channel 

YouTube stands as the ultimate platform to express limitless content ideas for millions of people. Alex is also amongst the millions who soared to fame with her intriguing content. One of the blooming ideas in YouTube for the past few years has been online games commentary, giving rise to several YouTubers over the years.

Alex’s channel, InquisitorMaster, is one of those many YouTubers who has reached greater height as a cosplayer and gamer. With a massive number of subscribers of  8.75 million on her YouTube channel, she has gained 575 thousand followers on Instagram. 

According to an analysis showed by socialblade, Alex’s channel earns her a net worth somewhere between 275 thousand dollars to 4.4 million dollars based on the views and subscribers on her channel.