Greg Creed Net Worth, Career, Married, Family

Greg Creed, the former CEO of Yum! Brands, carries a net worth of...his journey to a promising career...relishing the hefty salary...after completion of his formal education unwraps his age and family...married life...walking red carpets with his wife... the company saw to its breakthrough year for it separated from... daughter also serves for Yum...

Greg Creed Net Worth, Career, Married, Family

Greg Creed is the former CEO of Yum! Brands, an American fast food, Fortune 500 corporation.

For several years, the name has been operating the brands Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, and WingStreet worldwide, except in China, where an independent company, Yum China, runs the brands. 

Twenty-five wondrous years at Yum! Brands and on 13th August 2019, Greg shared a letter among his fellow Yum! Employees and franchisees, reflecting upon past accomplishments and all the while praying for the Yum!’s assuring future ahead.

He officially passed on the CEO position to his colleague and friend, David Gibbs. However, Greg stressed that he would always be “cheering the team from the sidelines.” 

In the meantime, as per the David and the board request, Greg would remain as a part-timer all through 2020. 

Greg Creed Married To Wife, Family

Greg, who mostly stays off the spotlight, leads his happily married life with his wife, Carolyn Creed, in someplace in California.

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Together, the couple has so far lived to their nearly fourth decades of marriage. The Creed couple has two grown-up children, a son, and a daughter, both in their thirties now.

Greg Creed and his wife, Carolyn Creed, attend some event in 2018 (Photo:

There is not much to share about their low-key kept family life. But then once in a while, Greg and Carolyn are spotted making red carpet events. 

As per some sources, their daughter also serves for Yum, stepping on to Greg's footsteps. Greg must have rubbed off some of the entrepreneurship of his on his young ones as well. 

As of now, with Greg, having turned 62 in age, shared the big news to becoming a grandparent, and that too, for the very first time. 

His Journey To A Promising Career

Forty years of broad experience in marketing and operations is not everybody’s cup of tea.

A lifetime of long-hauls and hardships comes with it, not to mention a soul that is never allowed to retire. 

Greg, a member at The Business Council and the American Society of Corporate Executives (ASCE), started out on his professional career in 1977, after completion of his formal education with a business degree the same year. 

During the foremost years, he worked in a senior marketing position at Unilever, further escalating upto being Category Director for Dove

Whereas, it was as of 1st January 2015 that Greg assumed on the role of Chief Executive Officer at Yum! 

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And a year later, the company saw to its breakthrough year, for it separated from Yum! In China as an Independent venture. 

How Much Is Greg Creed's Net Worth?

No doubt people want to know about Greg’s net worth for all he has going for him.

Every year since his joining in Yum! has only been a year of better paychecks.

The $7.4 million he was paid in 2015 escalated to a proper $15.3 million in 2016. While in 2018, he received total compensation of $14 million besides including a $1.2 million in salary and $3.1 million as a bonus. 

Soon enough, he might just reveal his farewell paycheck as of the end of fiscal 2020.