Who Is Grace Neutral's Boyfriend? Her Tattoos, Parents, Facts

Grace Neutral is a hand-poke tattoo artist...owns a tattoo studio in east London...was born on 29th March in Dubai...with her parents...siblings info...bio reveals her age...her childhood in a tiny village near...different tattoos from head to toe...her purple eyes...before becoming a full-time tattooist...her height... her boyfriend is a...quick facts...

Who Is Grace Neutral's Boyfriend? Her Tattoos, Parents, Facts

"Young, strong, independent, and creative" are the words that truly define the colors of the hand-poke tattoo artist, Grace Neutral. 

She has been professionally into tattooing for about ten years, and now her experience and work has helped her own the tattoo studio, Femme Fatale studio, in east London. 

Who Is Grace Neutral's Boyfriend?

The guy who rules over the heart of Grace Neutral goes by the name, Chaddy. However, his full name has not been disclosed yet; but, he prefers his Instagram username to be yesyesrudeboy.

Adding to that, Grace’s boyfriend is also a hand-poke tattoo artist in London, as per his Instagram bio.

Speaking about their relationship, Grace and Chaddy have maintained great privacy, which has hindered many from knowing their love story as well as how and when they started dating each other.

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And the only place where they have chosen to publicize their relationship is on social media, as they often share their beautiful pictures and write how important the other one is in their life. 

Grace Neutral and her boyfriend Chaddy pose for a picture on 26 July 2018 (Photo: Grace Neutral's Instagram)

Fans hope that the two will soon remove the curtains so that their fans are not hindered from knowing any of their life details.

Her Age, Parents & Siblings

Grace Neutral was born on 29th March 1989 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

She lived there until she was around seven or eight years old, as she, along with her parents and sister Jessica, traveled to many places, including Hong Kong and Bali. 

Later, Grace ended up spending the rest of her childhood in a tiny village near the ocean in the southwest of England.

And again when she was 20, she moved to London, and since then, she has been working and living there to date. 

Her Tattoos, Body Modification

Grace Neutral is totally into experimenting with her body parts, as she finds more comfortable in bringing changes in her body; hence, she has modified many parts of her body from the usual kind.

As a tattoo artist, she herself has her body covered with different tattoos from head to toe, which makes her uniquely beautiful. 

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Adding to her uniqueness is her purple eyes, pointed elf ears, a forked-tongue, scarification, and no bellybutton.

Well, that is some height of transforming her own body, which requires great confidence to pull off such looks. 

Quick Facts

  • Grace Neutral first got into piercing when she was 21, which was followed by body art, scarification, and removal of her bellybutton.
  • She enjoys a massive following of over 600K on Instagram, where she mostly posts about her tattoo works.
  • Before becoming a full-time tattooist, she was a ballet dancer in London. 
  • She injected ink into her eyes so that her eyes’ color turns from white to purple.