Eric Garland Age, Family, Personal Life

Who is Eric Garland...Eric Garland celebrates his birthday every 1 April as per his reveals his age...mother’s family arrived from Avellino, Italy in 1904...professional career...long before his formal education...citing some of his personal life experience...facts on his family background...stressed that he grew up in his father’s farm...

Eric Garland Age, Family, Personal Life

Eric Garland is the executive director of Competitive Futures, where he provides strategic and competitive analysis to executives from several businesses and government agencies.

To sum up, he gathers data from his research and suggests what is significant for organizations and hence provides them the guidelines in integrating that knowledge into future decisions.

His current endeavors include his magnificent work as a freelance writer and his speeches on his analysis of economics, geopolitics, and society, contribution to a variety of media outlets.

Eric is equally appreciated for the commentaries he passes in regards to the world events on broadcast networks such as Al Jazeera English, Russia Today, The History Channel and the BBC.

Who is Eric Garland? Facts

Eric Garland, the multifaceted personality owns a bachelor’s degree in Arts in International Business. In a like manner, he got his master’s degree in International Affairs from The George Washington University.

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He commenced his professional career long before his formal education. Looking back, he has done almost everything in his long hauls from working as a marketing assistant to trend analyst, and now a managing director.

Eric Garland in one of his public speaking ventures (Photo:

Today, he completes over 17 years of career consulting to executives at corporations and government agencies.

Moreover, he has also established himself in the literary world with his books that mostly deals with the future trend and how it ultimately affects the whole world.

His book, Future Inc: How Businesses Can Anticipate and Profit from What’s NEXT, has been published in English, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, and Persian.

While in his next work, How to Predict the Future…and WIN!!!, Eric mixed sarcasm and humor to critique the relationship between futurists and corporate executives.

Last but not least, he acquires this amazing passion for foreign languages and linguistics. Especially, his obsession with the minority and ancient languages are commendable.

Eric Garland’s Wiki / Bio: Age & Personal Life

Eric, in his Facebook bio, stresses that he grew up in his father’s farm trying not to freeze to death. What he means by this remains unclear though. He may have wanted to hint on his unfortunate old days, or it may mean something entirely different.

Eric, age 45, was born in the year of 1974. He celebrates his birthday every year on 1 April.

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He has this beautiful way of starting his articles and blogs citing some of his personal life experience.

Thus, his wife, daughter, even his mother-in-law who gifted him with a 2001 Mercury Sable, a non-baby-seat car, are familiar among his readers.

However, his followers are only informed about their existence. Beyond this, they have no clue about his family facts.

Furthermore, he tweeted about having a sister and mother as well in one of his tweets. The only fact known is his mother’s side of family original arrived from Avellino, Italy in 1904. Thus, Eric embraces a part of Italian roots.