Ellen Rucker [Vince Carter's Ex-Wife] Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Ellen Rucker is the co-owner of Rucker's company... is married to Bakari Sellers...her husband is an American politician and...shared the wedding vows in August 2015 after 7 years of dating and... Ellen was diagnosed with unexplained infertility...struggled years to have a baby...welcomed their twin daughters on...

Ellen Rucker [Vince Carter's Ex-Wife] Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Ellen Rucker is the co-owner of Rucker's Company. Her company is known for selling 100% vegan premium hair care.

Not to forget, she gained the limelight as a wife of American politician and attorney, Bakari Seller, who is best known for having earned a seat in the South Carolina House of Representatives.

Present Relationship

Ellen Rucker is married to Bakari Sellers.

The couple first met at a wedding in Cancun, Mexico in August 2008. Later, they shared the wedding vows in August 2015 after 7 years of dating and a year and a half of engagement. The wedding was held in an intimate ceremony/reception with their closest friends and family.

As of now, the heartthrob pair are parenting their twin's daughter Stokely and Sadie and a daughter named Kai Michelle (from her past relationship).

Baby- Struggle With Miscarriage

After marriage, Ellen and Bekari struggled for years to have a baby. Ellen was frustrated to see her other friends getting pregnant and having babies. As per ellenruckersellers.com, age was a slight factor — her ovarian reserve was that of 35 years old and all of her reproductive organs looked normal and well functioning.

But, she was diagnosed with unexplained infertility when the pair went for consultation and testing where her Reproductive Endocrinologist told them to go home and track her ovulation and keep trying. The doctor even also suggested returning to the hospital for the next steps if things didn’t work accordingly. 

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Eventually, Ellen became pregnant in February 2017. The couple had their first appointment on 17 April 2017 at 8 am. They patiently waited for the Ultrasound Technician to come in to do the ultrasound. Shortly after the scanning process, Ellen was asked: ”how many weeks was she?" And in return, she replied almost 9 weeks. After the scanning process, the doctor entered and explained to them that there was no heartbreak on the ultrasound and that the baby was not vital.

Despite their first miscarriage they determined themselves not to be broken. So, they did many IUI procedures the same year which also failed. The next step that Ellen and her husband took was the second IVF cycle, the implantation process that required much blood work and many visits to the doctor.

And, luckily the process did work for them. She became pregnant for one more time in May 2017.

Ellen Rucker poses with her husband and her three daughters on 25 December 2019 (Photo: EllenRucker's Instagram)

Later on 7 January 2019, Ellen and Bekari welcomed their twin daughters, Stokely and Sadie.

Past Relationship- Married, Divorce!

Ellen Rucker is the ex-wife of basketball player Vince Carter with whom got blessed with a daughter named Kai Michelle. The couple was college sweethearts. At the time of their first meeting, she attended the University of North Carolina where she was a four-year varsity cheerleader.

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Later she moved to Life University in Atlanta, GA. And shortly after graduating from the University, the ex-flames tied the wedding knot, but it ultimately resulted in divorce by 2006.

Wiki- Birthday Fact

Ellen Rucker was born on 27 October 1976. She is a Chiropractor.