Diggin Britt Bio, Age, Real Name, Family

Diggin Britt's bio unfolds her real name and age...about her body measurements...active on Instagram and Twitter...something to do with her nationality being American...family background...the number of birthdays she blew candles to thus far...standing to the most good-looking height of...her husband was very protective...compassionate towards the people in need...

Diggin Britt Bio, Age, Real Name, Family

Quick Information

The YouTube star's phenomenal metal detecting skill has her fans in awe. Although she unhesitantly reveals all her work process to the world, making a way through her career with her unorthodox enthusiasm, she prefers keeping her personal life details to herself. 

Diggin Britt's Family

Even the basic details about Diggin Britt's early life, parents, and siblings' whereabouts are not revealed as of now. The Texas girl is yet to unwrap the details of her private matters. 

Meanwhile, in one of the YouTube vlogs, she was spotted talking about her husband.

She revealed that she was only allowed to have a girl assistant because her husband was very protective. She laughed a big deal after her confession and then affirmed- "But it's true."

Also, in her Twitter account, she tags herself as a mom in the bio, but it's unclear if she actually has children or she is only referring to herself as her pet animal's mother. 

Besides, in 2018 she posted a picture with her friends, making some delicious trifles together. So far, this is all to her private life.


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Diggin Britt's Bio, Real Name

Many of her admirers still might not have any clue about her real name. She goes by the name Diggin Britt, in most of the leading platforms, for instance, her YouTube channel, comprising an impressive subscriber of 197 thousand as of 2021. Also, she has massive followers on social media, 9.3 thousand on Instagram and 1.2 thousand on Twitter

However, she confirmed that her real name is actually Brittany. Britt also hasn't revealed how many birthday candles she blew so far. Besides her age, it is her glamorous body measurements that her fandom is also curious about. 

She lives on a beautiful farm in Texas with her deer named Dixie and other farm animals that she adores very much. Judging by her social media posts, she is a patriot supporting former president Donald Trump and shows her respect for the United States military veterans.

In fact, Britt auctioned off of her self-designed artworks to raise funds and awareness for the American wounded military personnel. She claimed that the auction money would entirely use for the charity project, the Wounded Warrior Project. 

The glamorous metal detector standing to an average height of presumably around 5-feet-5-inches has been estimated to have earned a net worth of 12 thousand dollars, as concluded by a source based on her YouTube channel advertisement revenue depending on the clicks on her videos.  


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What Has Diggin Britt Dug So Far?

When it comes to treasure hunting, the metal detector is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Britt uploaded her first YouTube video on August 7, 2016, where she is seen strolling along the river bank holding a metal detector on a hot summer day. 

Since then, her treasure hunting adventure has officially been initiated. In 2019, she made an amazing find hunting a 120 years old coin on a property in Texas. Another one of her finds is an Egyptian head relic at a haunted southern ranch. In addition, the most recent update on her YouTube channel is nine months back, where she goes on a hunt on a 100 degrees hot summer day in Texas.