Corey Calliet Married, Gay, Family

Corey Calliet was born on 10th July...the 35-year old stands at the reveals his net worth...for his unique and ingenious workout of his family time and again...had a fair share of ex-girlfriends in the past...rumored to be gay...plans of getting married to his potential wife...both of the parents love their child...

Corey Calliet Married, Gay, Family

Corey Calliet has more than one title to introduce himself. He is a celebrity trainer, body transformation specialist, and TV personality. 

Corey is known for his unique and ingenious workout style, popularly known as The Calliet Way.

His training styles include workouts for both body and mind transformation to shape an aesthetic physique. 

Corey and his workout technique are best known for transforming Michael B. Jordan for his lead role as Adonis Creed in the film, Creed

He has also been featured in various films like Black Panther, Creed, and Stars Wars: The Last Jedi as a trainer and fitness professional. 

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As America’s one of the leading trainers, Corey is earning a significant amount. But he has not disclosed his net worth and exact earnings yet. 

Corey Calliet’s Bio, Family

Corey Calliet was born on 10th July 1984 in the United States of America. 

The 35-year-old has not disclosed his exact height. But a photo shared by him on his Instagram timeline on 16th November 2018 revealed that he is a bit taller than his friend and producer, Terrance J.

So, he must be taller than 5 feet and 9.68 inches (1.77 meters), the exact height of Terrance J. 

Corey Calliet has not disclosed his family details officially yet. But he is found posting pictures of his family time and again. 

On an Instagram photo dated 14th May 2018, Corey had wished his mother, Camella Calliet, on Mother’s Day.

Writing a heart touching caption for the photo, he stated that his mother passed away when he was just a child. Further, he wrote that he adored his mom and loved her a lot.

Though further details on his parents are still behind the curtains, it is known that Corey has a sister named TifanneyB.

Is Corey Calliet Married To Wife Or Gay?

Corey Calliet has a 14-year old daughter named Cami. Her mother is Gin-Knee. 

Though Corey and Gin-Knee have shared a daughter together, they have not named their relationship.

So it is still unconfirmed whether they were husband-wife or not since both of them have not unveiled details of their relationship.

But they were possibly in a relationship previously and got separated after having a child. 

Corey Calliet and Gin-Knee with their daughter on her birthday on 7th April 2013 (Photo: Gin-Knee's Instagram)

Whatever their bond, both of the parents love their child. Through their social media posts, both parents have shared pictures of their daughter time and again.

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They are found wishing their daughter, Cami, on her birthday and mentioning each other on the caption.

This was not Corey’s first relationship. He had a fair share of ex-girlfriends in the past, but none of them became her life long partner.

As of 2019, Corey is single and living with her daughter. 

Although he has a bitter experience in his love life, he still wants to be married and is searching for a partner that would take care of her daughter and understand his feelings. 

Despite his relationships with his exes, he is sometimes rumored to be gay. Though he has not replied to such public opinions, one can surely say he is not gay, seeing his personal life.