Chloe Trautman Bio, Age, Married, Height, Now

Chloe Trautman was born in 6th September as per her of birth reveals her age...around with an average height of...holds American nationality...carries a net worth of...Siesta Key star Chloe Trautman is not married, yet...relationship with her mystery boyfriend...been dating since 2017...boyfriend's OCD of organizing things...

Chloe Trautman Bio, Age, Married, Height, Now

Quick Information

Chloe Trautman came into limelight after MTV's reality series, Siesta Key, but she has been popular on Instagram from long before. She has been blessed with a loyal fan following with more than 244k followers on Instagram.

Apart from starring in Siesta Key, she is involved in real-estate and study of Cosmetology. She dreams of working as a makeup artist for some modeling company or any particular artist.

What's more, she is a travel freak who is often spotted in new places during her vacations. 

Chloe Trautman's Bio

Chloe Trautman was born in 6th September 1995, in the United States; thus, she holds American nationality. 

Chloe was raised by her mother while growing up.

That's why she shares a close bond with her mother. But her relationship with her father is not very great because he was not in her life ever since her childhood. Therefore, she doesn't feel comfortable speaking about him. 

Chloe Trautman Married To Boyfriend?

Siesta Key star Chloe Trautman is not married, but she has a boyfriend whose identity remains a mystery. 

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She believes her life has changed for better because of him and feels lucky to have him in her life. The pair have been dating since 2017.

Chloe Trautman and her boyfriend with a beautiful sunset backdrop on April 29, 2019 (Photo: Chloe Trautman's Instagram)

Although Chloe hasn't disclosed about her boyfriend's identity, she often posts their pictures together. 

Her Instagram pictures with him describe the special bond that they share. While she reveals very less about her loving partner, Chloe has not missed mentioning her boyfriend's OCD of organizing things and staying clean in her tweet. 

Career & Net Worth

Besides working on a reality show, Chloe Trautman is involved in real-estate. She even has an interest in makeups.

Thus, she is studying Cosmetology in a school at Sarasota now, carrying the wish to be a traveling makeup artist for some modeling company or some particular artist someday.

As one of the leading cast of MTV's reality series Siesta Key, Chloe Trautman lives a lavish life. 

Although her net worth has not come out in numbers, her social media speaks how successful she has been in her early career.

Her dedication and ambitious nature will undoubtedly earn her thousands of million-dollar in the near future.

Chloe Trautman Height, Weight

Our society is always forward in making comments on the issues that might target someone personally. "Body shaming" is a topic that people make an issue of. It is disgusting when someone points a finger on one's body and transformation.

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In the case of Chloe Trautman, people have made a buzz on social media about how she has looked different since gaining weight. Consequently, she has been forced to come forward against social media bullies.

Chloe Trautman fires back to the bullies regarding her gained weight on 14 January 2018 (Photo: Chloe Trautman's Twitter) 

Chole believes that her weight gain shouldn't be anyone's business, and people should stop making it an issue. 

She is proud of how she looks and what she has achieved in her life. Her social media pictures show how elegantly she walks around with an average height and curvy figure.