Chhavi Verg Wiki, Age, Height, Parents

The 2017 Miss New Jersey Chhavi Verg makes her journey towards women empowerment using her platform.

Chhavi Verg Wiki, Age, Height, Parents

Quick Information

Chhavi Verg, an Indian Classical dancer, is widely known for bagging the prestigious beauty pageant titles, the 2017 Miss New Jersey USA, and the 2017 Miss USA 1st runner up. Carrying the weight of the title on her shoulders, she has been advocating for women’s equality, empowerment, and education, since her win.

Uses Her Platform For Community Empowerment

Verg has always been enthusiastic and passionate about women empowerment and education and participated on various programs working on that agenda. But winning the beauty pageant titles has given the extra length to her voice and work. With this, she hopes to make a bigger impact on the community.  

After conquering the title of Miss New Jersey in 2017 while she was still a college student, she went onto competing on the Miss USA competition the same year and secured the 1st runner-up position. The second-ever Indian-American to win the Miss New jersey title is a strong advocate of women empowerment. 

Working towards the beliefs she holds to give back to the community, she has volunteered for social welfare and charity organizations such as the United Service organization, Forefront, WE, Smile Train, and Make A Wish Foundation. 

Besides, Verg was also a member of the Rutgers University’s Women BUILD program, which was designed to empower women through a leadership program and opportunity to expand their potential. 

Sharing her empowering words, Verg delivered her speech at Forefront, the National Federation of Indian Americans Association, and a multicultural program at Mc Nair High School in New Jersey. 


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How It All Began For Chhavi Verg

She immigrated to the USA with her family at the young age of four; everything was new. Like many adolescences, she had her share of rough times growing up, tangled up in the stigma of false beauty standards. But never had she once thought of competing in a beauty pageant back then. 

On an Instagram post of January 2019, the speaker shared a brief story about her journey to beauty pageant winner. Following the ‘10 years Challange’ social media trend, Verg uploaded her picture from ten years back beside her current picture. Through the post, she wanted to convey an important message. 

Unhesitantly, Verg shared about her insecurity during her teens and wrote, 

I was called ugly a couple of times by the guys in my class. In high school, I sometimes found myself wishing that I could be beautiful like my mom, my best friend, or the actresses I saw in movies. Doing a beauty pageant was NEVER on the radar.

But, now, she embraces her past and believes those past experiences formed her into the person she is today. 

Moreover, talking about her motivation for her success with Shoutout LA, she mentioned a quote, “Aim for the moon; even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars,” which she came across in 7th grade. She believes that the quote has encouraged her to push forward and do things out of her comfort zone. She said, 

I think one of the most significant factors behind what I have achieved in life is setting goals for myself that are so big that I usually don’t even know how to begin accomplishing them. I set the intention that there is a way for the goal to be met and start researching ways I can achieve it.  

A Brief Wiki On Chhavi Verg’s Personal Life Details

The beautiful 25-year-old stands at the impressive height of 5-feet-7 with the measurement of a perfect fit and slim figure. The American nationality holder, who moved to the USA with her parents, Ravi and Meera, while she was only four, carries Indian ethnicity. 

Moreover, she is extremely close to her family members, and coincidentally she and her father celebrate their birthday just a day apart. She idolizes her parents’ marriage and how they are still keeping their love alive. Wishing her parents on their 24th wedding anniversary, Verg wrote,

A great marriage doesn’t happen because of the love you had in the beginning but how well you continue building love until the end.

However, Verg has not revealed having a boyfriend yet. And, her social media presence also doesn't hint on her past relationship.  

Furthermore, growing up in Edison, NJ, she attained J.P. Stevens High School and received her higher education from Rutgers University in Marketing. The multi-lingual Verg is fluent in Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, and English. 


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