Barbara Kavovit Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Barbara Kavovit's bio reveals her age as of now...married to her husband...loving and caring family...amidst becoming a part of hit Bravo series, The Real Housewives...completed her education from...celebrates the birthday on 4th of January...stands to a height of...been both parents...multimillionaire’s net worth might afford to...

Barbara Kavovit Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Barbara Kavovit is one of the few personalities, who has played and continues to play an astounding role in breaking the stereotyping of a woman in the construction realm.

She is a prominent figure to watch out for in the construction business, which is just notoriously known for being a man’s world.

The founder of the New York-based construction company has so much going for her. Yet, she is all geared up with the new venture, and this time on television.

The businesswoman is amidst becoming a part of hit Bravo series, The Real Housewives, for its eleventh season.

Barbara Kavovit’s Bio, Family

Although completing her education from SUNY Oswego with a BS degree in Finance, Barbara always had an inexplicable passion for tools, all thanks to her father. 

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Her dad was a mechanical engineer for the New York Power Authority, who instilled the feeling of independence in his daughter as he taught her how to hold a hammer.

Together, they built bunk beds and did a lot of other projects while growing up in the Bronx. 

Barbara Kavovit thanking her father for putting a hammer in her hand when she was 9, on Father's Day on 16 June 2019 (Photo: Barbara Kavovit's Instagram)

Doing the “man-stuffs” rather than being in the kitchen baking cupcakes with her mother, really changed the course of Barbara's life.

She is forever grateful towards her father for teaching her to become an independent and empowered woman. 

To sum up, she grew in a loving and caring family who played an important role to shape her up as the person she is today. 

Barbara Kavovit Married To Husband?

Barbara, who celebrates her birthday every year with a blast on 4th of January, is a single mother to her son, Zachary.

Barbara has played the roles of both parents for her son. Meanwhile, she was once married to her ex-husband, a contractor. At the time, she had hired him as a subcontractor on a construction job.

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Further, he remains anonymous to date, and so does the real deal behind why their marriage did not work out.

Barbara Kavovit and her son, Zachary wishing the Insta-fam a Happy Easter on 21 April 2019 (Photo: Barbara Kavovit's Instagram)

For now, Barbara has a busy career ahead. While she is off raising her son, who now towers over her height, running her multiple ventures, she has not disclosed her relationship status at the moment.

Also, her social media remains devoid of her possible beau and love prospects.

Her Net Worth

Barbara knows it well that part of being an entrepreneur means that business and life can sometimes take unexpected turns.

Thus, she is prepared for the tougher times that come in between. While amidst selling her new book, Heels of steel- released on 25 June 2019, she saw to her beautiful home in Hamptons face the foreclosure.

The author and real estate developer signed up for this kind of ups and downs the day she entered the very line of work. 

Back in 2006, Barbara had bought the house for $7 million. The multimillionaire’s net worth might afford to let go of the amount of $2 million, that the bank sued her for missing out on a mortgage loan payment.