Alex French Guy Cooking Wiki: Age, Birthday, Wife, Family & Facts

Alex Ainzour, famous by the name Alex French Guy Cooking...a YouTube content creator who makes a wide range of inspirational food videos...private about his family details...collaborating with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver...

Alex French Guy Cooking Wiki: Age, Birthday, Wife, Family & Facts

Alex Ainouz, a.k.a. Alex French Guy Cooking, known for his engaging YouTube videos for teaching various culinary skills and delicious recipes in the most fun way, is globally recognized as an inspiring influencer. But, as much he lets the world known about his culinary passion, he is as private when it comes to his personal life. 

Although the cook and author makes a regular presence on his social media sites, displaying mouth-watering cuisine and recording his adventures, he hasn’t yet shared anything about his wife or his family. 

However, in an interview with Inverse, while talking about discovering his passion for food, the food geek mentioned briefly about having a wife. 

Alex- French Guy Cooking, How It All Began

“I learned how to cook. Thanx to life,” said the brilliant cook. Oblivious of his passion for food, Ainouz only discovered it later in his life in a rather different way. 

He taught himself cooking out of sheer necessity after he had moved in with his then-girlfriend, now his wife, during his college years. 

After graduating with an engineering degree, Ainouz explored his photography traveling several places, and later became a digital marketer who managed social media accounts for his clients. 

Working for those clients, he knows more of the social media world and soon came up with the idea of creating his own content with all the skills he had and began his own cooking channel on YouTube

However, he did not succeed in just one go. It took some time for his channel to take off and get noticed. Ainzour took the help of some notable french chefs to pump his channel, and later when he came across the chef Jamie Oliver, it was then that his channel took off rapidly.

Ainzour’s casual, carefree and enthusiastic approach towards cooking is what makes his content even more engaging and fun to watch. 

What Is His Net Worth?

The French chef is the author of his cookbook Just A French Guy Cooking, which includes his guide to simple cooking and brilliant kitchen hacks for beginners. The book has Jamie Oliver’s foreword Alex’s food is fantastically fun” and falls among the top-rated culinary books. 

His YouTube channel, which he began in 2014, now has amassed over a million subscribers. Likewise, his Instagram and Twitter accounts are flooded with 186 thousand and 22.9 thousand followers. 

The 2019 Shorty Award for Best in Food winner also hosts a podcast show, sharing his knowledge with the world and inspiring others to be confident in their cooking. 

Although th influencer’s net worth is unknown, his accelerating success and recognition probably make him entitled to a massive amount of wealth.