Yolandi Visser Married, Husband, Divorce, Boyfriend, Daughter, Net Worth

Yolandi Visser was never married... never a husband of Yolandi... them getting divorced...dating a new boyfriend... had a daughter...2019 March interview... the height of 5 ft. and 4 inches......net worth is a total of $10 million...

Yolandi Visser Married, Husband, Divorce, Boyfriend, Daughter, Net Worth

Quick Information

Yolandi Visser is a well-known film actress. She is also a vocalist in the rap group Die Antwood. Having appeared in many movies and made two short films, today people recognize her face and love her style.

Youthful looking Yolandi’s age cannot be guessed by her looks. Born on the 1st of December in the year 1984, at the age of 32, Yolandi successfully became a woman that she always dreamt of becoming. She is beautiful, and people love her hot body.

Standing tall at the height of 5 ft. and 4 inches, her career also touched the same height of success. She never spoke much about her family and childhood in the media. Yolandi loves to keep her personal life to herself.

Yolandi Visser Career, Net Worth

Yolandi stepped in the industry and began her journey in music back in 2001. She worked with music and art group called The Constructs in the initial days. She then joined MaxNormal.tv and became popular. She slowly discovered her interest in music and succeeded in exploring her talents. Visser has a unique style of presentation. She understands that people want to see something new on television. You will find that Visser does a strange makeup to her face. She has an unusual take on fashion.

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Yolandi has appeared in films like Chappie and Umshini Wami. She has done a fantastic job in these movies. She spent lots of time in focusing her talents and earning by using what she knew best. She never turned back after she began her musical career. Her songs became popular, and people heard her music over and over again.

Earlier this year, an Australian artist Zheani claimed the group Die Antwood of trafficking her to South Africa. However, in the 2019 March interview, Yolandi cleared all the claims referring them to be non-substantive.

Yolandi Visser showcases her extraordinary looks at the Paris Fashion Week on 5 March 2019 (Photo: w24.co.za)

Today, her net worth is a total of $10 million. It is not easy to make this great amount of money without effort and hard work. She can be considered a woman who inspires much youth to follow their dreams today.

Yolandi Visser Married, Boyfriend

People are curious about the relationships and affairs of Yolandi. She had been dating one of her band members named Ninja for quite a long time. They were not married, so Ninja was never a husband of Yolandi.

Their romantic involvement was no surprise to the fans as Ninja was a great support Yolandi in setting her career in music. As Yolandi was never married to Ninja, there is no question of them getting divorced.

As a product of their relationship, they even had a daughter together who they named Sixteen. Yolandi has also adopted a street-kid whose name is Tokkie.

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As of now, there has not been any news of Yolandi dating a new boyfriend. However, she still claims to be good friends with Ninja.