Yalitza Aparicio Boyfriend, Height, Married

Yalitza Aparicio had her big break with her first movie, Roma...assume who her boyfriend is...relishing her love life with her loving husband...was only to be married and live as...an average height above 5 feet...At 25 years of age...net worth is not revelead...together in upcoming movies too...was even nominated for the Oscar...Of Mexican nationality...

Yalitza Aparicio Boyfriend, Height, Married

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Unlike every other star in the industry, Yalitza Aparicio had her big break with her very first movie, Roma in October 2018. Even though this gorgeous actress never aimed at being a favorite media persona, she successfully won the hearts of millions with her remarkable performance in the movie.

It might be difficult to believe, but Yalitza got nominated for twenty-five of the most prestigious awards, out of which she won seven, without any formal training or qualifications in actingThe directors are dumbstruck by her spellbinding performance, and so are the viewers!

Yalitza Aparicio Net Worth From Roma

Yalitza instantly grabbed the attention of the audience with her performance in the movie, Roma. Roma is a black and white movie directed by Alfonso Cuaron, a Mexican movie director.

The movie trailer, which was released on 16 August 2018, gained a lot of media sensation as there are very few movies in black and white nowadays. The trailer depicts the life of a maiden named Cleo, played by Yalitza, in a Mexican family in the 1970s and her love life. The movie follows Yalitza, who gets impregnated by her lover and struggles with the hardships she has to face.

The director, Alfonso is very attached to the film because it is a close resemblance to his life, as Cleo is a representation of Libo, a woman who helped raise Alfonso. Interesting, isn't it?

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When talking about the movie, Yalitza expressed that she was uncomfortable and worried about the possibility of having to be nude for the shower scene. Since the film exposed the male nudity, Yalitza expected she would have to be naked too, and it concerned her. Her hesitation was not unusual as this was her first movie, but she did not have to be completely naked for the scene. Relieved as she was back then, she will probably get more comfortable shortly! 

Yalitza Aparicio amuses her fans with her exemplary acting in Roma (Photo: cinemablend.com)

As expected, the movie was a big hit and was even nominated for the Oscar. Yalitza had her big break and earned the title of OFCC AwardNew Hollywood AwardCinEuphoria Best Actress - International Competition AwardRoma was honored with the Virtuoso Award in the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Even though Yalitza Aparicio did great in the movie, it would be unlikely to assume that she earned a massive fortune. In the future, with her immense talent, there's no doubt that she will garner a net worth of millions.

Yalitza Apraricio Boyfriend Or Husband

Yalitza Aparicio is not someone who likes a lot of attention, so she does not reveal much about her love life to the media. People are still unaware of her relationship status, and it is complicated to assume who her boyfriend is, or if she even has one! She might even be relishing her love life with her loving husband too.

The actress does have a background of on-screen romance. In Roma, Yalitza's character Cleo shares a romantic relationship with Fermin, who is played by Jorge Antonio Guerrero. The duo shares the good bond, and since both of them embrace good chemistry, they can be expected to be seen together in upcoming movies too.

Yalitza Aparicio Age, Height

Yalitza Aparicio was born on 12 December 1993 in Mexico. She did not have a carefree childhood as her parents separated when she was just a teenager so, she was raised by her single mother with her siblings in a single bedroom in a small apartment.

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Of Mexican nationality, Yalitza was the second daughter in the family of five children (one of them passed away later). She is close to her mother, who definitely taught her to become the strong woman she is today. She has talked about her mother on several occasions and revealed that her ambition in life was to be like her mother. 

Yalitza Aparicio enjoys quality time with her family (Photo: oaxaca.eluniversal.com.mx)

Yalitza Aparicio, who became a star after her first debut, was never really into movies or acting. As a child, she rather studied books than watch movies and wanted to be a teacher when she grew up.

In fact, she got her degree just a month before being cast in Roma. Her entire life, Yalitza was only told that she should not continue her education because she was only to be married and live as a housewife. Guess she proved the stereotypes wrong!

Yalitza was not trained for the movie but accepted the opportunity when her sister persuaded her to attend the casting call. She only took the offer because she believed that she had nothing better to do, but now see where this small decision has brought her!

At 25 years of age, Yalitza stands at an average height above 5 feet.