Shakira Barrera Bio, Dating, Lesbian, Family

Shakira Barrera is an American dancer and actor...her bio unfolds her age, family background, and status at different time frames...about getting married...a Mexican-American stripper and lesbian wrestler...feels even more empathy for the people...stands to a height of...feels even more empathy for the people in...

Shakira Barrera Bio, Dating, Lesbian, Family

Shakira Barrera is an American dancer and actor who mostly soared to fame after she got casted in the season two renewal of Netflix’s GLOW. 

Shakira so well portrayed the character of ‘Yolanda’- a Mexican-American stripper and lesbian wrestler in the Emmy nominated television series, that some of her audiences were more than convinced that she was indeed a lesbian in real life. 

She, on the other hand, considers that her small effort would undoubtedly do well for the LGBTQ+ community. 

And about her being one of the LGBTQ+ is yet another topic altogether, which Shakira is yet to address. 

Shakira Barrera’s Bio: Age, Family 

Shakira was born in Englewood, New Jersey, on 7th March 1990. She now stands to a height of 5 feet and five inches (1.65 meters). 

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Looking behind, the Rutgers University graduate was unusually yet splendidly raised by two mothers, one being her birth mother and other her grandmother.

Together, they did all that was needed, and today, Shakira not just celebrates the auspicious mother’s day with them but also the father’s day. 

Shakira Barrera dances with her grandmother on 8 October 2019 (Photo: Shakira Barrera's Instagram)

Despite the schedules becoming hectic with each passing day, Shakira makes sure to indulge in quality time with her family. 

And, when she is not busy with her recitals, dance rehearsals, or with the beloved ones, she prefers doing something worthwhile for the Nicaraguan community.

She herself embracing Nicaraguan ethnicity, and her mother’s family still being the native of the place, Shakira feels even more empathy for the people there. 

Reaching out to those in need and a rasing awareness, the Nicaraguan-American sure has utilized her platform to a fuller extent. 

Dating Status / Married?

“It’s my boyfriend’s birthday today. I have the entire day and night planned.”- wrote Shakira in one of her tweets dated 2nd May 2018.

And prior to this, there have been many instances when she spoke about her dating status at different time frames. 

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Somewhere around mid-2015, Shakira even affirmed to being single. But then, none of it carries a notable hint to her dating status in the immediate time.

Plus, from what it looks like, she is yet to walk down the wedding aisle.

Until that is happening, every speculation made by the third party simply conveys no meaning.

And, at the end of the day, it is her call to come up with her affairs. Till then, she is to be respected for wanting to maintain a low profile.

Not to mention, rather than scrutinizing her for the “happy pride” wishes, it is best that we encourage such acts as they carry some scopes to bring out the positive changes.