Olivia Presti Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Ethnicity

Olivia Presti is only 14 years of age as per bio...really has a twin sister...no less than her own family members...taller than most of her friends in her height... date of birth on 19 April...dating a boyfriend as of now...ethnicity is revealed to be as Caucasian and Latin Hispanic...even in the movies...many other TV shows...young star will be getting offers for movies...

Olivia Presti Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Ethnicity

Quick Information

Olivia Presti rose to fame from her role of Agent Oona in the TV show, Odd Squad. The show originally premiered on 29 November 2014 on TVO network, Ici Radio-Canada Tele and PBS Kids.

To this date, Odd Squad has been one of the most loved kids' action adventures on television. 

Olivia’s height of popularity has got her offers for many other TV shows. Thus, the young lady also stars in the 2017 family TV show, Dino Dana.

Further, Olivia has also portrayed an outstanding role of Willow in the Netflix series, Creeped Out

Her early successful TV shows suggest that it won't be long when the young star is getting offers for movies. And with no doubt, Olivia will definitely make her fans happy from her role portrayal even in the films. 

Who is Olivia's Twin?

Some Odd Squad fans think that Olivia really has a twin sister.

However, this is completely an over-the-top thought whose precise base is the show itself. Olivia’s twin is a character that has been basically exaggerated from the fanfictions.

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Olivia’s character, Agent Oona, supposedly has a twin, who has never been introduced in the show.

However, there are some further suppositions made by fans in their background ideas of the show which has led some to assume that Olivia also has a twin.

Olivia Presti Dating Boyfriend?

Of course, love is not bound by age, but sometimes your early relationships may ruin your childhood innocence. So, it is good that Olivia prioritizes friendship to dating a boyfriend as of now. 

She values her bond with the cast of her show, Odd Squad, and keeps sharing pictures with them from the events they attend together. 

Olivia Presti poses with her friends, the casts of the show, Odd Squad, on 6 March 2018 (Photo: Olivia Presti's Instagram)

In most of the images she shares, Olivia looks taller than most of her friends from the show, in her height. 

Hopefully, Olivia maintains the connection with her friends for a lifetime and sets the best example for friendship for the fans of the show. 

Olivia Presti Bio - Age, Family 

The young Canadian actress, Olivia Presti’s date of birth, is on 19 April 2005. She is only 14 years of age and an 8th grader as of now. Although Olivia has herself not unveiled much about her family background, her ethnicity is revealed to be as Caucasian and Latin Hispanic. 

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Olivia’s Odd Squad family is no less than her own family members. The reason for her close bond may be her early age, as the relationships which are made at a young age, remain impactful for a lifetime. 

Further, Olivia’s early success has also made her a famous name among viewers. This has led her to remain active in social media. However, Olivia’s parents handle her social media instead of the young star herself.