Find Out Natasha Rothwell's Weight Loss & Married Life Info | Wiki

Natasha Rothwell is a screenwriter and...born in a Philadelphian per her wiki, she blows out her birthday candles every...maintains educational of Issa Rae’s TV shows...known by doing movies as...many episodes of Wild 'N Out after...went through a drastic weight loss...her boyfriend is the...secretly married...

Find Out Natasha Rothwell's Weight Loss & Married Life Info | Wiki

Quick Information

Natasha Rothwell is a screenwriter and actress, who is known for appearing as Kelli on HBO’s Insecure. She also served as a story editor for the series. As per her wiki, she was born in 1980 in New Jersey. The actress blows out her birthday candles every 18 October.

Natasha was born in a Philadelphian family, and her parents had serious jobs. Her father worked in the Air Force while her mother served in comprehensive cancer and hematology. Since her parents were involved in jobs that saved lives, Natasha gathered all her courage to tell her parents that she wanted to build a career in acting.

Before that, she was maintaining her educational background at Ithaca College with a major in Journalism. The actress eventually transferred to the University of Maryland with a full scholarship and graduated with a theatre degree.

Weight Loss

Natasha went through a drastic weight loss between the first and second season of Insecure. Even if she lost some weight, she made sure to let people know that she embraced herself despite her weight. 

In an interview about her take on plus-size roles, she said,

I take pride in being plus-size. I’m a plus-size, fat-loving, body positive feminist, and I look for roles that celebrate that. And I try to write to that when I have the opportunity to do so. It’s not necessarily writing a storyline that’s like, ‘Let’s celebrate and focus on this person’s size.’ It’s telling any story and the person driving that story happens to be plus-size.

Her fans were surprised by the weight loss she took over. Many took to Twitter to show their appreciation for her efforts; there were also people, who expressed their opinions on how she looked better before the weight loss.

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Natasha didn’t lose her charm with her weight though. She has confessed on being a proud plus-size.

Natasha Married, Boyfriend

Things are not clear when it comes to Natasha’s romantic involvement. She has mentioned her ‘boyfriends’ countless times on her Twitter. Sometimes her boyfriend is the gym, who makes her sweat. Sometimes she calls Idris Elba her boyfriend.

In 2013, she even put up her married status. She tweeted that for the night, she was a married CPA, who was working late because it was tax season. And, at times, Natasha tweets out her thought about her possible future husband. She often wonders where she will meet her husband. 

Natasha Rothwell wonders about finding her husband in a rachet club on 9 October 2016 (Photo: Natasha Rothwell’s Twitter)

One thing is clear; Natasha doesn’t have a boyfriend, and she is unmarried.

Natasha Rothwell Movies / TV Shows, Wild 'N Out

It was in 2015 when Saturday Night Live was searching for a black woman as a cast. Natasha didn’t blink an eye and auditioned for the role. Unfortunately, the spot was given to Sasheer Zamata, and Natasha was given a consolation job to write for SNL. She soon surrounded herself with opportunities that led her to a meeting with HBO programming executive, Amy Gravitt; Amy recommended her for one of Issa Rae’s TV shows.

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She was instantly hired. Natasha was also one of the first writers to interview for the show, Insecure. It was on the second season when Natasha started co-writing alongside Ben Cory Jones.

Aside from TV shows, Natasha has also made herself known by doing movies. One of the known movies that she played in, was Love, Simon. Natasha played as the curt drama teacher known as Ms. Albright. As a stand-up comedian, she also performed on many episodes of Wild 'N Out after joining the series on its sixth season.