Linda Emond Wife, Partner, Net Worth

Linda Emond has reached the age of 60 in the time being as per her bio...not married to her boyfriend...people think that Linda has a wife...her partner is an actor...has garnered a satisfying amount of net worth to this of her leads the lady to a greater height of success...her new movie set to release on 11th October 2019...

Linda Emond Wife, Partner, Net Worth

Very few people succeed in maintaining their fame throughout the life they live. Most fade away with time. But the ones sustaining their standard, advance to the higher levels with the passing time.

Linda Emond is among those few celebrities whose grounded nature has led her to stand firm as an actress even in her 60s.

From theatre to remarkable roles in the TV shows and films, Linda has excelled in the portrayal of every character. 

Married To Partner / Wife?

Linda Emond has played lesbian as well as transgender roles a handful of times. Her role of a transgender person, Frances in 3 Generation and her portrayal of a lesbian in the franchise, Law and Order, makes people think that Linda has a wife, not a husband.

However, Linda neither has a wife nor a husband in the time being. Linda instead has a boyfriend, Matte Osian, and has been with him for many years now.

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Her boyfriend, Matte, is also an actor known for the movies, EnchantedConspiracy Theory, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Linda Emond gets spotted with boyfriend Matte Osian in an early event in 2012 (Photo: gettyimages)

Linda and Matte have been together for nearly a decade now. More than just a relationship, Linda and Matte's love is an inspiration for many.

Unlike any contemporary definition of love, Linda and her boyfriend look emotionally connected. Thus, their love appears to be of a standard type, defying the kinds defined by people. Linda and Matte, therefore, are themselves the definition of love.

Hopefully, this relationship between Linda and her boyfriend sustains life long.

Linda Emond's Net Worth

Linda Emond has been actively working in the field of entertainment for more than three decades. Besides her role in the TV shows and movies, Linda is also recognized for her theatre roles. 

She has presented exclusive performances in the Broadway theatre in New York. Her early roles of the characters' love interest, in the theatre, has been well appreciated by the audience. 

With her early beginning from the theatre, Linda has precisely progressed to television and movies. 

Even in 2019, Linda is all set for her 11th October releasing movie, Gemini Man. Hopefully, this work of her leads the lady to a greater height of success. 

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Thus, from all her roles and performances, Linda must have garnered a satisfying amount of net worth to this date. 

Short Bio

The 22nd May 1959 born famous actress, Linda Emond has reached the age of 60.

The New Brunswick, New Jersey native, has reached the height of fame through her performances in the television shows and movies.

Talking about her early life, Linda attended the University of Washington and received her MFA degree in theatre. No doubt, Linda's degree got the perfect place for the person Linda went on to become.