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Jaye Jacobs Husband, Family, Weight, Net Worth

By Staff Writer | Published On: 17 Oct, 2019
Jaye Jacobs Husband, Family, Weight, Net Worth

Television actress Jaye Jacobs, was born on 27th May 1982 as Emma Jacobs. Moreover, her birthplace is England and therefore she holds a British passport or what we say is nationality.

Moving on, Jaye, age 37, flaunts her attractive beauty on the screen as well as in the public, and that has caught the eyes of many people.

And the secret behind her beauty is nothing but her lovely height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.78 meters) and balanced weight, which has summed more to her beauty. 

Jaye regularly performs exercises and does cardiovascular work at least three times per week, so that she can lose weight and increase her core strength.

Jaye Jacobs Career, Net Worth

Jaye Jacobs is an English actress who is mostly known for her role as Donna Jackson on BBC’s television series, Holby City

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Likewise, her characters of Sam Diamond and Amber on the series Waterloo Road and Millie Inbetween also has earned good recognition.

Jaye Jacobs appears as Donna Jackson on television series Holby City since 2004 (Photo: BBC)

Furthermore, Jaye has managed to earn good respect, success as well as net worth for herself.

Well, people might be curious to know her total wealth for sure; however, she has kept that aspect undisclosed from her followers. But it is sure that she possibly has earned enough to conduct a lavish lifestyle. 

Her Family

Coming to the family details of Jaye Jacobs, she is the only child of her parents, Judy Jacobs and Tom Jacobs.

Her parents reside in Streets, England, where she grew up initially.

Professionally, Jaye’s mother was a civil servant and her father made shoes, helping Jay complete her education at Arts Educational Schools London as well as Crispin School Academy.

Besides her parents, Jaye also has family members who live in Bath and she calls it homecoming whenever she visits the place.

Moving on, like every parents-daughter relationship where there is more sweetness than sour, Jaye also cherishes a similar kind of relationship with her parents.

Jaye Jacobs Married To Husband?

The personal life details of Jaye Jacobs is a bit tricky and half narrated, which has compelled many of her admirers to live in the shells of darkness. 

Well, the confusion has spread because she stopped sharing her personal life events lately, after revealing a picture of a man, possibly partner, and her daughter together through a tweet on 8th May 2015. 

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Starting from the beginning, Jaye met her partner, Ben Drury, around 2009 who was a freelance film editor working on Holby at that time.

Jaye immediately fancied him as he possessed an attractive personality with a really fit body. 

Two years after that, Jaye and Ben started house hunting together, according to Jaye’s interview with Mirror in 2012. 

Well, Jaye’s conversation with the Mirror makes it clear that the two were possibly ready to get married and live as husband & wife. 

But after that, there was no news related to Jaye and her personal life, besides a few tweets where she hinted that she has a daughter and a partner.

Moreover, the reason behind keeping her current personal life details private possibly to maintain the privacy, so that she can conduct a peaceful and happy life. 

Furthermore, before meeting Ben Drury, she was in a relationship in the past with a man named Nitin, who was a research and consultation manager. 

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