Who Is Jane Harber Husband? Facts On Married, Lesbian, Baby

By Staff Writer | Published On: 02 Dec, 2019
Who Is Jane Harber Husband? Facts On Married, Lesbian, Baby

Jane Harber, at some point in her life, also made it to the list of underrated Australian talents who nonetheless made a big impression on the small screen.

She is well celebrated as an actor and writer for Offspring (2010), A Moody Christmas (2012), and Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS (2014).

Meanwhile, last reported in June 2017, Jane had been focusing on a project together with her Offspring co-star, Kat Stewart, and a few others to produce the series, The Elementals- following three "disgraced, co-dependent superheroes." 

Jane Harber's Bio, Age

Jane was born on the 12th of November 1986. 

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It was by the time Jane was 13, that she realized her love for theatre and acting.

During that time, she was amidst touring South America and Thailand with Handspan Theatre and had some small parts in the TV shows, Neighbours (2001), and the final season of The Secret Life of Us (2005). 

In the days to come, Jane went to acting schools in New York and Los Angeles.

Growing up in the career, it was always this new generation of female actors entrusted with shaping their own shows: for instance, 'Tina Fey' in 30 Rock (2006) and 'Amy Poehler' in Parks and Recreation (2009), who inspired Jane on a lot.

Married to Husband?

The fans and followers can rest assured as it looks like they did not miss out on their gorgeous celebrity's big day, just yet! 

But then it is also official that Jane is off the market. 

She is happy and in love with her partner, Marla Mindelle- a Broadway actor and writer, famous for her roles of 'Sister Mary Robert' in the original Broadway production of Sister Act and 'stepsister Gabrielle' in the Broadway production of Cinderella. 

Facts on the Lovestory

It seems people have quite some doubts and assumptions when it comes to Jane and Marla's romance life. 

Of all the funny things, there were a lot of strangers asking the couple if they were sisters

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And the queries like that have "been REALLY FUN TO ANSWER!!!"- wrote Marla, who was the one to notice Jane back in 2017. 

Marla was literally like "OH GREAT Thanks for looking like that"- the first time she saw Jane in a bar in Los Angeles. 

And, after they talked and as it turned out that Jane too liked girls, Marla instantly fell in love with this "Beautiful Australian stranger" with a beautiful accent. 

Jane Harber attends The Emmy with her partner, Marla Mindelle on 16 September 2019 (Photo: Jane Harber's Instagram)

Then, months later, on Valentine's Day in Hawaii, they officially began dating. 

Is Jane Lesbian?

Having said it all must have answered most of the questions, and by now, Jane's preferences must have been clear.

While some prefer calling her a lesbian, her partner spilled the beans on their second anniversary on the 15th of February 2019, as she captioned- "two years later with this bicoastal, bi-hemisphere, bisexual sweetheart."

All in all, they indeed make up for a wonderful love story, and they are anticipated to go a long ride, tying knots, having a baby, and raising toasts to many more anniversaries.