Jade Alleyne Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity, Boyfriend

Jade Alleyne's bio reveals her age...with the ethnicity of...blessed with her parents' full backing...instilled upon her the real value of independence...dating life and boyfriend...stands to a height of 5 feet and 6 inches...a good many scripts of movies and TV shows...rose to prominence for playing ‘Clem Burton’ in...pursuing her artistic talents...with her siblings...

Jade Alleyne Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity, Boyfriend

Jade Alleyne is among the few people in Hollywood, who started way soon in the pursuit of finding a better version of herself.

Lucky for her, her parents recognized her inclination towards acting and everything arts-related. 

By now, she is considered someone who has a way lot potential and also the one needs to be watched out for. 

Jade best rose to prominence for playing ‘Clem Burton’ in the CBBC sitcom, 4 O'Clock Club, and ‘Kaylee’ in the Disney Channel’s musical drama, The Lodge. 

At such an early age, she has several scripts of movies and TV shows lined-up for her acceptance. 

Details On Parents & Siblings

It is all thanks to Jade’s aunt, Sonita Alleyne, that the audience got to observe an exceptional talent like her. Sonita founded a cross-platform media company, called Somethin’ Else, which helped Jade a lot in pursuing her artistic skills.

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Besides, Jade is always blessed with her parents' full backing. Being born into a working-class family helped a lot too.

The process instilled upon her the real value of independence, especially as a woman. The beautiful actress who stands to a height of 5 feet and 6 inches (1.68 meters), embraces white ethnicity from her parents.

Jade arrived into the world on 17th March 2001, in Aberdeen, Scotland. She spent the early years of her life in her birthplace, and by the time she was ten, the family moved to London.

The sole cause for the big move was to provide Jade with better platforms so that she could go after her love for dancing, performing, and singing.

Not much is unwrapped on this aspect of her life. It is commendable that her fans would want to know about her siblings (if she has one) and the best childhood memories.

But, then, they are needed to show yet more patience, for she has so much to achieve.

Jade Alleyne Dating Boyfriend?

The 18-year-old young actor, who grew up idolizing the multi-talented singer, Alicia Keys, is looking for a likewise fame shortly. 

Henceforth, the aspiring artist is amidst making creative decisions that would shape up her career astoundingly. 

For now, she seems to prioritize her work over almost anything and everything, so as to make her parents the proudest people on earth. 

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However, being part of the industry is like signing up for rumors and speculations, mostly baseless ones. 

Like any other celebrity, she is rumored to be dating her The Lodge co-star, Jayden Revri. 

Jade Alleyne with her The Lodge co-star, Jayden Revri, at the 2019's film Aladdin's premiere (Photo: alandwestphoto.co.uk)

And, no conformation is yet availed from both parties. It, thus, appears to be again another rootless chatter. 

All in all, not sure of a boyfriend, but the young star, is happily engaged to finding a good script, that would take her career to the next level.