Deborah Ayorinde Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Parents

By Staff Writer | Updated On: 05 Nov, 2019
Deborah Ayorinde Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Parents

Deborah Ayorinde did not just pay her visit to Hollywood; instead, she studied a great deal about the industry, all the while sharpening up her acting skills and other likewise fortes. 

She certified with honors from Howard University's John H. Johnson School of Communications with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production. 

And all the talent shows and contests she participated in, also came handy while working in the movies and TV shows. 

During her enrollment at the university, she attained the Paul Robeson Best Actress award for the short film she wrote and directed. 

Writing and directing is what she wants to pursue a career in, besides portraying the characters she is assigned to.

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She is though notably known as the ‘Candace’ in Netflix's 2016 original series, Luke Cage. 

Deborah Ayorinde’s Bio: Age, Parents & Siblings

Born and raised in the UK and California as a proud Nigerian (Yoruba), Deborah, age 32, is the closest she can be to her roots.

She even obliged to do something for the Nollywood in the forthcoming days. She grew up celebrating her birthday every year on the 13th of August. 

Coming back to Deborah's family roots, she and her sisters are the first generation of her family who were born outside of Nigeria, in London.

It was by the time she was eight that she and her family relocated to San Jose, California. 

The Ayorinde-siblings, a complete look-alike of one another; Esther Adetokunboh Ayorinde, a professional dancer, is the eldest of all, while Demi Grace is the youngest one in the family. 

Deborah Ayorinde shares a childhood throwback with her siblings, Esther Adetokunboh Ayorinde and Demi Grace, on 15 April 2018 (Deborah Ayorinde's Instagram)

Deborah’s mother, Beatrice Ayorinde, like her daughters, is active on social media, amazingly she has a decent fan following, who look up to her. 

Of all the bits and pieces, there is nothing at all to tell about her father.

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At this very point, we can only hope that she lived with a happy upbringing from her parents. 


As a public face, Deborah is undoubtedly prone to people raising curious eyebrows to every small detail of her life.

This especially applies to the matters of her dating life. They sure would love to know about her married status.

But then it seems an anonymous business for now, and there obviously would have been some riot if she had already walked down the aisle with a husband in the past. 

Her Net Worth

As per her net worth - which being the second-most wanna-be-heard information of hers, also stays somewhere unexplored. 

Nevertheless, some healthy assumptions can always be made from the Box-office collection of the movies she worked in. 

The 2017's film Girls Trip did a fantastic collection valued at $115.1 million, while the earnings of the film, Barbershop: The Next Cut released in the year 2016, is also worth mentioning, which would be $54.1 million.