Annette Badland Weight Loss, Married, Family

Annette Badland, best known for her roles in Doctor Who and EastEnders, lives with her partner David Hatton in London. She discusses her weight loss in an interview.

Annette Badland Weight Loss, Married, Family

Quick Information

English actress Annette Badland, mostly known for her portrayal of the evil aunt in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, had her fans concerned about her weight loss, as seen in one of her Twitter posts. 

In the Twitter post from 2018, the 70-year-old looked dramatically thin, highlighted by one of the commenters. However, several years back, she did mention the weight loss technique she adopted back then.

Annette Badland Weight Loss

As we have always seen the EastEnders actress in her adorable smile extended up to her cute chubby cheeks,  she appeared slightly different in her Twitter post of 2018. Getting ready for her shoot in Pelbs, she posted a picture looking very thin than usual. 

Someone in the comment section also took notice and commented if the actress had lost weight. Although the actress did not respond to that, it’s natural to look not as chubby as before, given her age. But the actress did talk about her weight loss process during her earlier years.  

She mentioned getting acupuncture at least once a month for decades since the 1970s and said it kept her more centered and helped in weight loss by keeping her metabolism right. In fact, the ancient Chinese technique helped her lose over three stones. But, as she aged, she stopped doing acupuncture and began swimming to keep herself fit. 

Is Annette Badland Married?

The Doctor Who actress seems quite private about her love life and doesn’t share much of her personal details, but she once shared her romantic love story with actor David Hatton.

The couple first met in 1979 in a show where Hatton was in the audience and Badland was up on the stage. In the actress’s words, “He fell in love with me over the footlights and kept coming back to see me. It was rather romantic.” 

Although the actress and her partner fell in love and began living together in London, they had no intention of getting married since the start, so they remain unmarried. 

Badland Received Death Threats For Portraying Babe 

The soap opera series EastEnders, airing from 2014 to 2017, gained massive popularity among its viewers, and the evil aunt character, Babe Smith, certainly got on their nerves. 

But, playing the evil role got heavy on the actress when she received death threats from angry fans. It was insanely unbelievable and terrifying for the actress how someone could actually threaten your life for some fictional character. 

As she mentioned in a podcast, although she was set to make a come back in the series, witnessing the terrifying situation, she had a second thought about making her appearance as Babe.