Adeline Rudolph Wiki Reveals Age, Height, Parents, Ethnicity

Adeline Rudolph celebrates her birthday on 10 February as per her the age of...parents aren’t Chinese...comes from an Asian-white ethnicity...carries the nationality of...many siblings but...stands tall at the height of...among the TV shows Adeline has appeared in...extraordinary romantic life...started dating fellow actor...serving the looks...

Adeline Rudolph Wiki Reveals Age, Height, Parents, Ethnicity

Quick Information

Adeline is a renowned model, an actress who is known for her part in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Her stunning figure and good looks got her signed to modeling agencies across the world like London-based M+P, Hamburg-based PMA, Hong Kong-based Primo, and even Next Models.

Adeline Rudolph Boyfriend

Adeline started in the industry as an ordinary girl but ended up having an extraordinary romantic life. She started dating Tommy Martinez, a fellow actor. Her boyfriend who played the bisexual character Gael Martinez in Freeform's Good Trouble. He also opened up about playing the character when he was asked. He replied saying it was fine and fun and the show also taught him more about the stigma bisexual people face within the LGBT+ community. 

Since they only came out as a couple, they have not spared the details of their dating life to the public. Tommy took Adeline on his show Good Trouble’s premiere where they were serving the looks.

Adeline Rudolph and Tommy Martinez attend the premiere of Good Trouble on 8 January 2019 (Photo: Getty Images)

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Fans adore this power couple and have also been supportive of them. Even now, the duo relishes their love life and sticks together in ups and downs of their life. 

Career / TV Shows

Adeline was just a normal girl aiming for a normal life at the beginning. She didn't intend to be a model or an actress. In one interview, Adeline said how in high school some students would ask her to shoot for them. She did it just for fun, but then many modeling agencies reached to her. She was represented by Next Models at the beginning, and that was how her career sky-rocketed.

From appearing on-ramp walks to covers of magazines, Adeline slowly gained fame for her beautiful walk, gorgeous figure and exotic looks. She focused on her acting career while modeling too. Seeing her potential in the acting field, directors cast Adeline as Agatha, one of the three sisters in Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina alongside Chance Perdomo and Gavin Leatherwood. Adeline said how she was in a cafe when her agent called to tell that Adeline had gotten the role and how she broke down right there since she wanted the part really bad. Among the TV shows Adeline has appeared in, her role in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a major one.

When asked about her chemistry with the cast, she said, 'Not only do we just have a lot of laughs when working, but everyone is so ridiculously good and talented at what they do. it’s truly wonderful to see first hand.' The cast and crew get along with each other very well; the bond radiates in the pictures that Adeline posts on Instagram too. 

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Adeline Rudolph Wiki, Age

Born in 1995, Adeline celebrates her birthday every year on 10 February. As per her wiki, Adeline’s nationality is Chinese since she was born in Hong Kong. However, her parents aren’t Chinese, her mother is Korean, and her father is German; so she comes from an Asian-white ethnicity. Now of age 23, Adeline doesn't have many siblings but only one sister whose name is Caroline Rudolph. 

Besides, her biological sister, she also considers her co-star Abigail Cowen as her soul sister. On her Instagram account, she can be seen with her on weird and funny videos. A month ago she celebrated her soul sister's birthday on 19 March, when she posted videos with her doing a funny dance. 

Adeline Rudolph with her sister Caroline Rudolph on 26 June 2018 (Photo: Adeline Rudolph's Instagram)

Gorgeous Adeline stands tall at the height of 5 feet 8.5 inches (1.74 meters). 

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While she studied for school in Hong Kong, she graduated in 2017 from University College London with a Bachelor's degree. Adeline now resides in Los Angeles, California. Having moved from places to places, Adeline doesn't call a specific place her home but feels home all around the globe.