Tyler Lepley Family Background & Personal Life Uncovered

The Haves and Have Nots actor Tyler Lepley clears out his gay rumor and reveals updates on his present relationship status.

Tyler Lepley Family Background & Personal Life Uncovered

The P-Valley star Tyler Lepley confirms in an interview that he is not gay. 

In an episode of Angela Yee Lip Service, the actor clears the air with his statement on his sexuality and the actor Tylor Perry’s sexuality, as his name was also tagged along with Lepley. Besides, he gives away some sneak peeks on his current relationship status as well. 

Tyler Lepley Clears Out the Gay Rumor

In the Lip Service podcast of December 23, 2020, the actor was confronted with the rumors circulating his sexuality, and he instantly made it clear he is only interested in females romantically.

Although the actor likes to keep his personal affairs to himself, he had to open up to clear the confusion that circulated him since he first came into the business. When the podcast hosts, Yee, Gigi Maguire, and Lore’l, brought up the question about his gay rumor, the actor did not delay a second to reply and said, 

I remember when I first started out, I was seeing that here and there. For whatever reason, people were associating it with my first show.

So, the rumor started after the show The Haves and the Have Nots, Tyler Perry’s creation, where he played the role of Benny Young. Witnessing Lepley’s close connection with Perry, the fans might have misunderstood their relation. Even Tyler Perry was also dragged in the gay speculation. Speaking for himself and perry, the P-Valley star said, 

I came out on a Tyler Perry show, and for whatever reason, he gets a rap like that. And I know Tyler [Perry] personally, and he’s not gay. I was seen around him, and all of a sudden, ‘he’s rubbing off on me,’ and people felt like I was gay or something like that.

The actor further gushed about a moment during his P-Valley shoot that might have stirred up the rumor again. He mentioned, 

I had done something while I was on the set of ‘P-Valley.’ Maybe I was with Clifford or I think I was taking a picture with Alphonse, who plays Little Murda, and people started off with the gay thing again. I think if you have a space that people can’t figure out, they can create a judgment.

Annoyed with the ever-green speculation of his sexuality, the actor made it loud and clear that he is straight and revealed he is currently in a relationship. Concealing the details, Lepley mentioned having a son from his long-term relationship. However, he did not disclose if he is married or dating. And, it remains hidden whether his baby mama is his wife or girlfriend.   

Learn More About Lepley’s Family 

Lepley, aged 34, was born to his immigrant parents in 1987. Born in a diverse ethnic mother and father, the actor carries mixed ethnicity rooted back to Africa, Jamaica, and Italy. However, the American nationality who stands tall with an impressive height of 1.83 meters, was raised as a single child in Philadelphia.

However, with the company of a supportive mom and dad in the family, he never felt alone growing up. Talking to Essence, Lepley said

My parents are my mom, dad, brother, and sister all in one. I love them with every ounce of my being and would not be where I am today if I didn’t have them as a support system.

How Did He Climb To Success In The Industry?

His way into the game began with Tyler Perry’s series The Haves and the Have Nots, where he starred as Benny Young. The soap opera drama series aired in 2013 and is still running in its eighth season on the Oprah Winfrey Network. 

Since then, he has been in several series and films, including some notable ones such as Baggage Claim, Ringside, Tales, and P-Valley. 

With a successful career, the actor has amassed a hefty net worth that remains unrevealed yet. But his flashy lifestyle is evident in how much wealth he is. For example, he brought a luxury home of 2,557 sq. ft. in 2019, which cost him around 1.4 million dollars. And, recently he made an expensive sports car purchase and flaunted it on Instagram.