What Is Tom Lister Jr. Doing Now? Death Rumors, Personal Life & Facts

By Staff Writer | Published On: 04 Mar, 2020
What Is Tom Lister Jr. Doing Now? Death Rumors, Personal Life & Facts

Tom Lister Jr. is an American actor who is best known for playing Debbo in the movie Friday (1995). He has also played in some other popular movies like A Thin Line Between Love And Hate (1996), The Good Bad Guy (1997), I Got The Hook Up (1998), Shark in a bottle (1999), and Next Friday (2000).

Apart from being an actor, he is also an occasional wrestler. He developed an interest in wrestling after playing a wrestler in the film No Holds Barred in the 1980s. 

Bio Plus Height

Tom Lister Jr. hailing from Pine Bluff, Arkansas was born on 24 June 1958 as the son of Tommy and Mildred Faye Lister. His father was a truck driver whereas his mother was a housewife.

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Tom stands tall at the towering height of 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 meters). He received his education from Compton High School. Later, he attended Cal State Los Angeles for his college.

Personal Life Of Tom Lister Jr. 

Tom Lister Jr. married Felicia Forbes in 2003 after they first met each other when Tom visited Cape Town, South Africa for the production of his film Blast.

Talking about his wife, Felecia was a missionary and minister in her hometown.

Together, the pair share a daughter named Faith Grace Lister. 


Tom Lister Jr. spends time with his daughter Faith Grace Lister on 19 August 2019 (Photo: Tom Lister Jr.'s Instagram)

However, the married life of the couple could not sustain long and as of now Tom and his wife have chosen to stay apart. Nevertheless, the ex-partner is yet to finalize their divorce.

Dating, Girlfriend?

After the failed marriage with Felicia, Tom was in a relationship with another woman. Although he has not disclosed any information regarding her, his relationship with the mysterious woman has also come to an end.

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It is reported that the actor has moved on from his second relationship after his girlfriend’s live stream captured him arguing and smacking a phone out of her hands. Following the incident, the pair were visited by the cops in his house for the verbal altercation. 

What Is Tom Lister Jr Doing Now?

Tom Lister Jr is now doing community service after being bailed from the Federal prison. He pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud in August 2012 and henceforth was jailed for five years. 

Death Rumors Of Tom Lister Jr. 

A death hoax around Tom spread on 30 October 2019 following the demise of actor John Witherspoon.

The Wikiobits website suggested with no attribution,

“ Tom died on Monday, October 28, 2019, and his death was possible because of a really short and painful illness. He was 61”.

But it was just a rumor and he eventually sent out three messages of condolences to John Witherspoon’s family. 


Tom Lister Jr. initially started his career in the entertainment industry by playing supporting roles.

Today, the supporting actor has 215 movies and TV series credits under his name best known for TV series like 1st & Ten from 1984 to 1987, Perfect Strangers (1987), Hard Time On Planet Earth (1988), CBS Summer Playhouse (1989), and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1991) amongst others.