Siobhan Redmond Married, Lesbian, Family, Now

By Staff Writer | Published On: 18 Oct, 2019
Siobhan Redmond Married, Lesbian, Family, Now

Siobhan Redmond, born on 27th August 1959, is a Scottish actress who has appeared on various TV shows and has succeeded in impressing audiences with her roles every time. 

A few of the most famous projects that she was associated with are Half Moon Street, The High Life, Between The Lines, and The Smoking Room, among many others. 

Moving on, Siobhan is now back with National Theatre, where she played the character of Isabella Bird in the play, Top Girls, that was showcased from 26th March 2019. 

Siobhan Redmond’s Family Details

Siobhan Redmond was raised by her family, who inspired her to fight against all the odds to reach the destination that she dreamt of achieving. 

Notably, it was Siobhan’s mother, Charlotte, who actually is the major inspiration for the talented actress. 

Charlotte passed away due to breast cancer when Siobhan was 23 years old. 

Now, Siobhan, age 60, feels proud of her mom, who fought till her last breathe against her illness. 

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And to pay tribute to her mom as well as with the intention of raising awareness against breast cancer, Siobhan trekked up to 20 miles along with her sister Grainne.

In fact, there were around 500 other people at Scone Palace in Perthshire in 2013 for the Breast Cancer Care Pink Ribbon Walk.

Furthermore, Siobhan’s father, John, who took care of Siobhan after his wife’s death, was a university lecturer. 

Is Siobhan Redmond Lesbian?

There is no doubt that people will have different speculations about your personal life when you try to keep it private.

And amongst many speculations, the most common speculations are regarding your sexuality, where they question whether you are gay/lesbian.

Well, there possibly might be similar speculations related to Siobhan Redmond as well, but the speculations are rarely true. Hence, any speculations on her being a lesbian are nothing less than false.

But if we talk about her reel life, she plays the on-screen lesbian character of a police officer, ‘Detective Sergeant Maureen’ in the television series, Between the Lines.

Siobhan Redmond plays a lesbian character in the series Between The Lines, from 1992 to 1994 (Photo: Best of Blackadder's Twitter)

Moreover, the series aired on BBC One between 1992 and 1994 for three seasons. 

Married To Husband? 

Getting married is something you cannot decide on a blink of an eye time as it requires a good partner who understands you and shows that he/she can live with you for life long. 

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Besides that, it is also important to find yourself in a space where you find yourself comfortable, especially career-wise. 

Siobhan Redmond, who stands at an average height, has managed a very quiet personal life.

Hence, it is tough to know whether she is married to a husband or still single. 

Moreover, if she is single, she is possibly in the journey of finding mister perfect as well as working to create a professionally settled life.