Scott Shepherd Wife, Age, Family, Net Worth

Scott Shepherd unveils about getting married to includes family details, his age, and height...exact figures laying on his net recent times (2019) indulged himself in the projects...would have become a Computer scientist otherwise...physical violence amidst some relationship arguments...want to take that moment out of his life...

Scott Shepherd Wife, Age, Family, Net Worth

The quote, "If you want to master something hard, take it easy”- is what Scott Shepherd grew up looking upto, never realizing that the mere words would someday change his life, once and for all.

He is a supremely talented television and theatre actor who trusts himself to never perform for living and paychecks. The sole reason, behind which is his one true passion. And, if with following dreams follows a substantial net worth it only an uncalled-plus. 

Had this not been making him happy, the world would not have been fortunate enough to witness his talent, and Scott would have become some Computer scientist-the career back-up he always had in mind.

In recent times (2019), Scott has indulged himself into several precious scripts including The Report, Dark Phoenix, First Cow.

Scott Shepherd’s Bio (Age)

Scott, who never publicly revealed the actual number to his age, again stands to some yet unwrapped height. And, these are only some instances of his carefully secluded personal life.

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But then some experts from his life can always be tracked as per his thus far published interviews.

Scott never was his real name. Instead, he was given a full name ‘Sherrill Wayne Shepherd Jr.’ But then, out of the confusions the two names created, Scott soon officialized his “undocumented nickname,” and now he goes by his complete name- Scott Sherrill Wayne Shepherd Jr.

Born in Raleigh, North Carolina, Scott never lived at several places in different stages of his life. By the time he was 9-year-old, he had moved from Charleston, South Carolina to Marietta, Georgia had stayed there with his family up until he was 18.

Seemingly he grew up in a regular household: his father, a government-employed civil engineer, and mother, an expert in health food, never ceasing to amaze her family with her comprehensive knowledge of all the existing vitamin products and their utilities.


From what it looks like, Scott is not married to a wife. Or if he already has walked down the aisle in the past, he successfully keeps it away from the media and public eyes.

However, an unfortunate incident that is directly upon his dating life never went amiss from the limelight.

It was during the summer of 2012, and Scott was dating Marin Ireland- a Tony Award nominee and a relative newbie in the production troupe of Troilus and Cressida.

Scott Shepherd and his girlfriend, Marin Ireland, in the British production of the Wooster Group’s “Troilus and Cressida” in 2012 (Photo:

Reportedly as per both of their interviews, amidst a relationship argument, Marin slapped Scott on a particular night while in their apartment. Two nights later he striked her with force equivalent to knocking her to the floor, hence giving her one black eye.

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The next day she went to the rehearsals, and the fellow actors were offended by the physical violence. Soon the matter uproared, Marin, insisted upon doing her act only if Scott was not in it. Scott had to apologize for what he had done legally. This is what he had to say-

All I want to do is take that moment back, take it out of her life and my life.

Meanwhile, Marin, who was not able to let go of the “London-incident” said-

Many actors don’t know what to do when behavior — physical, sexual, harassment, bullying — crosses a line.

But then, she sure knew what needed to be done. She came upfront about it, although it was not an easy decision, just so that the act would not have to repeat in the future.