Scott Menville Movies, Net Worth, Wife, Family

Scott Menville is a world-famous voice artist...roles as a voice artist in many movies and TV shows...amount of property and net worth...Scott is a married man...shortly mentioned his wife and kids...people think he is members include his sibling brother...48 years of age as per bio...stands at the height of 6 is a writer...

Scott Menville Movies, Net Worth, Wife, Family

Scott Menville is a world-famous voice artist known for his splendid voice portrayal in animation dramas. Having worked as a musician with the rock band Boy Hits Car, in his initial days, Scott is also famous for his teenage-sounding voice.

Born on 12 February 1971, the incredible actor, Scott Menville, is 48 years of age. The Malibu, California born actor, who stands at the height of 6 feet (1.83 meters) has the paternal family roots in the field of entertainment. 

His family background in the area has helped Scott perfect his role as an actor, since a very young age.

Scott was born to his father, Chuck Menville, a famous name in the realm of animation. Scott’s father worked as an assistant in the 1967 movie, The Jungle Book, and later created an incredible list of animation movies as an animator and writer, including The Smurfs, Tiny Toon Adventures and many more.

Scott’s other family members include his sibling brother, Chad Menville, who is also a writer.

Net Worth As Voice Artist - Movies / TV Shows

Scott Menville debuted as a voice artist from the adventure animation, Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer in 1985. Further, in 1987, he appeared on the theatrical role in the comedy movie, Ernest Goes to Camp and also in the TV show, One Big Family.

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Scott’s early roles in the movies and TV shows got him the best experiences for his further roles and initiated professionalism in him.

He later mastered his roles as a voice artist in many movies and TV shows including, Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go, To the Movies, Tangled, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Avatar: The Last Airbender and many more.

On average, a voice artist gets $27 on an hourly basis, for his/her work in the sector. As one of the most profound voice artists of the time, Scott most probably gets paid more than just the average income of a voice actor.

Thus, from all the salary he has got throughout, Scott must have already garnered a fabulous amount of property and net worth.

Scott Menville Married To Wife Or Single?

In some of his interviews and social media, Scott has shortly mentioned his wife and kids. This proves that Scott is a married man and has a family of his own.

Scott Menville mentions his wife on his 19 January 2014 tweet (Photo: Scott Menville's Twitter)

However, just like his father, Scott has always tried to keep away his personal life from his professional life. He has never revealed much about his wife and children, which might be the reason people think he is single.

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Nevertheless, his rare mentions clear out the fact that he is married and also has kids. Further, in some of his Twitter posts, Scott has mentioned his daughter, which means that his kids also include his daughter.

Hopefully, Scott unveils more about his present family life to his curious fans and followers, and hence, let them know more about him, personally as well.