Riz Ahmed Biography, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Riz Ahmed's biography reveals his age as of now...comments in regards to his possible girlfriend...about dating life...married to wife...flaunting his net worth of...memorable roles in movies like...graduated from Oxford University with...daydream about having a coffee-date with...family descents...born in n Wembley, England...went onto pursue his true calling that being...

Riz Ahmed Biography, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Riz Ahmed, age 36, is a British-Pakistani actor, rapper and activist.

In September 2017, he became the first South Asian male actor to win an Emmy, for his role in the 2016’s The Night Of

Furthermore, he has garnered the nominations for Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award, and three British Independent Film Awards, Shooting Stars Award and a few more.

Besides his astounding acting career which landed him with so much fame, Riz is known by his hip-hop stage name, Riz MC. 

Having released his first hip-hop single in 2006, Post 9/11 Blues, a controversial satire, it went through a temporary prohibition from British airplay.

However, the very project of his caught the attention of notorious satirist Christopher Morris, who cast him in the Bafta-winning movie, Four Lions. Thereafter, he commenced his golden days in the industry. 

Riz Ahmed's Biography

Riz graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. But then, he went onto pursue his true calling that being, drama, and theater.

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He trained at London's Central School of Speech and Drama. Be that as it may, his passion for entertaining the mass began way back when he was still a school-kid.

Amidst the process of unwrapping his life stories, he revealed that his younger self was like the class clown. One of his mentors gave him the idea which later on proved to be life-changing. He had warned Riz but with good intentions,

If you want to kind of muck about then do it on stage and you'll get a round of applause for it. Do it in my classroom and you'll get a detention.

And, eventually, the very piece of saying changed his life and for good.

British actor and rapper Riz Ahmed made history as he became the first Asian man and first Muslim to take home an Emmy Award for acting (Photo: upi.com)

And, today the same Riz, only a bit older now, has accumulated so much to be proud of- a great many memorable roles in movies and TV shows; he flaunts a net worth of $3 million and counting.

Talking about his personal matters, Riz gallantly flaunts his Pakistani descents. Although he was born in Wembley, England, he embraces Muhajir ancestry, the Muslims who emigrated from India to Pakistan during the partition.

Dating Girlfriend / Married To Wife?

Considering how talented, striking, and successful Riz is, it is understandable that his fans and followers daydream about having a coffee-date with him.

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It may be because he is not yet seen walking hand in hand with anyone during red carpet events. Besides obsessing over their beloved star, they are so much curious about his dating life, which is to date kept private.

Nonetheless, he is considered single as there is no evidence to suggest otherwise.

Also, for now, he is devoted to his busy career. Riz is yet to walk down the aisle with his bride beside him.

Until then, making baseless comments in regards to his possible wife or girlfriend is probably against respecting his privacy.