Naveen Andrews Wiki, Married, Wife, Gay, Partner, Twitter, Interview

Naveen Andrews was born on 17 January 1969 in Lambeth, London, the United Kingdom as per his wiki...has gathered a net worth of...has never been married to a wife...has been engaged with many partners in his life...has been openly involved with a woman and not a guy, thus, his sexuality is straight and not in social media like Twitter…

Naveen Andrews Wiki, Married, Wife, Gay, Partner, Twitter, Interview

Quick Information

His great looks and fast acting have made millions of people a fan of him. He is a very versatile actor, and his roles in TV shows and movies prove it. He is none other than the fantastic actor Naveen Andrews.

Through his career, Naveen has not only gained popularity but has also made himself financially stable. As of now, he might be enjoying a net worth of a million.

Naveen Andrews' Wiki

Naveen Andrews' was born on 17 January 1969 in Lambeth, London, the United Kingdom as per his wiki. His nationality is British. His parents are Stanley Andrews and Nirmala Andrews. He got his talent from his parents as well.

His parents were well settled, but this did not give him the perfect platform to build himself, but instead, his home was abusive to him. His father was a businessman, whereas his mother was a psychologist.

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Both of his parents were however not from here as they were immigrants from Kerala of India. There is, however, some twist in his story though. His home was not that happy for him. Instead, he left the house to avoid the abuse. 

While talking about his education, Naveen auditioned for drama school and got accepted at London's Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Because of his passion for acting, he soon landed on the role of Bike in a movie called London Kills Me in the year 1991, and this can be said of his debut role.

He did the role of Kip Singh in a very successful movie called The English Patient back in the year 1996. This work of his got him a nomination for the mighty Screen Actors Guild Award for the category of Outstanding Performance, and it was in or by a Cast in a Motion Picture. He is a gem, and he will remain this way.

Is Naveen Married To Wife?

While talking about his love life, Naveen has quite an exciting love story. He found love at a very young age at sixteen. While he was studying at Emanuel School, he fell in love with his mathematics teacher, Geraldine Feakins.

What makes his love life quite interesting is that she happens to be 14 years elder than her and as well as a teacher.

However, age and relationship of student-teacher did not stop their love, and he moved in with her. Naveen fathered a son named Jaisal with his first love. But with an unknown reason, he got separated from her.

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After separating with his then partner, he was later in a relationship with an actress Barbara Hershey. For a brief period, he and his partner were separated. During that time he got involved with Czech-French actress Elena Eustache, with whom he had a son.

But, he again got back with Barbara, but soon after their re-connection, they announced their separation. 

After his separation, he had a legal fight with Elena over their son. He had to go to court for the custody of his child. Luckily, he won the sole legal and physical custody of his son.

Naveen Andrews goes shopping with his son (Photo:

He has had various problems within himself too. He was addicted to alcohol and heroin, and he has confessed to it recently in an interview. It seems like he is sober now. He is not gay at all.

He has had other relationship as well till now, but he has never been married, which means he has not had a wife till date. Nevertheless, he is not active in social media like Instagram, Twitter.