Loren Dean Married, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Ever since the year of 1988, the name Lorean Dean, age 50, began to go around in the industry...the answer to whether he is married to his wife or otherwise going out with a girlfriend...gay speculations...he was not blessed with a conventional family setting...boasts a net worth of...standing to a good-looking height of...spills beans to his family background...

Loren Dean Married, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Ever since the year of 1988, the name Loren Dean, began to go around in the industry, although in the beginning it was not taken with much admiration as compared to the latter days.

Success did not just magically come to Lorean, but he had to really work for it.

And, now for all he deserves, he is considered as one of the many multifaceted personalities to watch out for in the industry.

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The American actor appeared in several on stage and in feature films. But then he is mostly applauded for his remarkable performances in Starstruck, Mumford, Apollo 13, Gattaca, and Space Cowboys.

With his ever-rising fame, no doubt, his audiences would love to see him spill the beans to his personal life, especially his love life.

Loren Dean Married?

The so-far published life story of Loren only revolves around his on-screen romances. For some reason, which we have no clue as of yet, Loren does not trust the media or the public with his private affairs. 

Ages ago, in 2000, 30-year-old and youthful Loren was spotted sharing some of the excerpts from his life in an interview.

The one on one divulged his "bit of a shopping addiction” and his habit of strolling around the city he lived as some regular non-celebrated individual.

When not busy with his Hollywood job, Loren, went swimming with the dolphins in West Edmonton Mall.

It said how, with his pleasing manners, he was not just good with people, but all loved animals.

And, most importantly, the handsome hunk admitted about being single, hearing about which must have pleased a great many souls.

But then in recent times, his dating status stays wholly buttoned up. And at a time like this, not much can be said whether Loren, age 50, is married to his wife or otherwise going out with a girlfriend.

And, some might have even thought of a different story altogether- the one of him being gay, which is yet again another mystery in itself.

Family Background

Loren, now standing to a height of 5 feet and 11 inches (1.8 meters), was born to his parents in Las Vegas, Nevada. For some reason, he was not blessed with a conventional family setting.

His mother, who worked as a family and marriage counselor and father- Borislav Jovicic, who was involved in the clothing business, settled for a divorce when Loren was still a child.

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Meanwhile, he was destined to live with his mother in Los Angeles, California, after she won the custody over her young one.

And, it was when visiting his father, the acting bug bit him bad. The father-son duo would often go for movies.

Loren Dean with his co-star Ellen Pompeo in the all-time favorite, Grey's Anatomy (Photo: images.spoilertv.com)

All thanks to his father and the long haul, Loren went through that he made it to a career that paid him a worthwhile net worth.

Grey's Anatomy star surely made it big out of his love for cinemas.