Kofi Siriboe Wife, Girlfriend, Gay, Parents

Kofi Siriboe is a Ghanaian-American actor and model...praising his stunning girlfriend...confirmation of him dating the supermodel...his being gay...middle child to his parents...age as of 2019...stands to a height of...with his wife...international media strategist serves as...has been solo for a while...eautiful smile and his peekaboo pecs...love story began officially in...

Kofi Siriboe Wife, Girlfriend, Gay, Parents

Kofi Siriboe is a Ghanaian-American actor and model, who received the best attention of his career for his portrayal of ‘Ralph Angel’ in the Oprah Winfrey Network’s television series, Queen Sugar. He debuted in the 2008’s comedy-drama, The Longshots.

Then, Kofi eventually appeared in a great many projects including movies like Prom, Whiplash, and Straight Outta Compton and a recurring role in the MTV comedy-drama series, Awkward, before he landed in an OWN’s show regular in 2016.

Today, the series based on the 2014’s novel, Queen Sugar by Americal writer, Natalie Baszile, ran wonders for its recently renewed fourth season started in 2019.

Critically acclaimed for its racially progressive storylines, the platform has changed Kofi’s life once and for all.

Kofi Siriboe Dating Girlfriend / Wife?

Kofi, who stands to a height of 6 feet and 2 inches (1.88 meters), apart from his remarkable acting skills, is known for his chocolaty looks, and his signature beautiful smile and his peekaboo pecs.

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Digging through whatever the headlines available so far to his name, it is apt to confirm that he is not engaged in any romantic relationships currently.

However, not long ago, he made it official about him being off the market, as he confirmed to dating the supermodel, Duckie Thot. 

While Kofi was notoriously private about his personal life, he exceptionally opened about his love-life, never letting go any opportunity of praising his stunning girlfriend. However, the love story that began officially in March 2018’s soon saw to its bitter ending. 

Kofi was blamed for its ruin as he supposedly cheated with other affairs, confirmed by one of Duckie’s friends. Nonetheless, the depth to the matter remained unattended by the media and public. 

As of now, being famous has come to its advantages, for he has an exceptionally devoted fanbase who would do anything just to share a cup of coffee with him.

In such a scenario, it is legible that the fandom is curious for the answer to how long until he calls some lucky lady his wife.

But, with all of these also come the queries in regards to his being gay, which too remains unanswered like many other unattended questions. 

Kofi Siriboe's Family Background

Kofi was born in Los, Angeles as the middle child to his parents.

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He grew up goofing around with his two brothers, Kwame Boateng, and Kwesi Boakye, never realizing that they would someday share a similar line of work that is Hollywood.

Kofi Siriboe in one of the childhood throwback with his brothers- Kwame Boateng and Kwesi Boakye on 6 April 2019 (Photo: Kofi Siriboe's Instagram)

Admittedly a “mama’s boy,” Kofi has only good things to say about his mother, Koshie, and her great nurturing spirit. Koshie, a Ghana-born, London-bred and Los Angeles-based international media strategist serves as her three boys' management and carries out a publicist's duties.

As per reported, Koshie has been solo for a while. Henceforth, more to the three aspiring actors’ father, remain under wraps.