Jack De Sena Bio, Age, Married, Family

Jack De Sena has reached the age of 31 as per his bio...dating her for eight long years, Jack decided to propose...not married to his fiance yet...abandoning his single status...who stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches...his family shifted to Irvine in 1999...an enormous amount of net worth through his amazing works...as of 2019...but later became famous from his nickname...

Jack De Sena Bio, Age, Married, Family

It is not easy to reach the greats of the popularity list through your voice if you are not a singer.

One of the most prominent exceptions on this list is the respectful voice artist Jack De Sena whose voice work in TVs and movies has raised him to the greats of fame. 

Bio: Age, Family

Born on 6th December 1987, the famous American voice artist, Jack De Sena, has reached the age of 31.

Jack is a Boston, Massachusetts native who stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters).

Jack was born John Patrick De Sena but later became famous from his nickname, Jack. Although Jack lived most of his childhood in Boston, his family shifted to Irvine in 1999.

It was the time when Jack was heading to become a teenager; thus, most of his teenage, Jack lived in Irvine, California. 

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When it comes to the details of his early family life, Jack has kept it quite lowkey. It might be because Jack only wants his career to be a significant matter of discussion in public and not his personal life. 

Whatever the truth is, Jack's fans are always hopeful of the fact that they will someday get to know more about his family background. 

Jack De Sena Single To Dating / Married! 

Jack has been engaged to his long-term girlfriend, Lisa Bierman, for nearly a year now.

After dating Lisa for eight long years, Jack decided to propose to the lady during early October 2018. It was a yes from Lisa, which got this fantastic couple to turn into the fiances.

A storyteller, director, traveler, an many more by her profession, Lisa is also associated with the artistic field.

Thus, the couple may have developed beautiful terms with one another through their professional background.

In case it is true, Jack and his fiance must be enjoying every bit of their enthusiastic relationship. This has further added beauty from their career choice of artistic background.

Jack De Sena poses with his fiancee, Lisa Bierman, on 1 April 2019 (Photo: Lisa Bierman's Instagram)

The level Jack and Lisa have taken their relationship to, it is evident that they might be anytime seen as a married couple.

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However, the two themselves have never revealed any fixed date of the occasion. In an overall sense, Jack and Lisa are still enjoying their terms as fiances, the phase of life between engagement and marriage.

No doubt, like most of the couples, Jack and Lisa also have a lot of dreams of their marriage. 

Net Worth

Jack De Sena has been working as an actor and also a writer in the field of entertainment.

He is mostly known for his roles in All ThatThe Dragon Prince, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

As of 2019, Jack is busy with his collaborative shows and programs.

No doubt, his plans get him a significant amount of pay for his, particularly amazing works.

Further, even from his past works, Jack has undoubtedly been paid a considerable sum of riches that has helped him garner an enormous amount of net worth.